Backup data to Storj Cloud Storage with Ahsay
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Using Storj Decentralized Cloud Storage as the Backup Destination

AhsayOBM and AhsayACB client backup application supports backing up data directly to a user's own Storj cloud storage, or a dedicated Storj storage predefined on AhsayCBS.

Directly backup to Storj Decentralized Cloud Storage
Backup to user's own Storj account
Backup to predefined Storj account
Enable / disable Storj option via policy

How to create a bucket in Storj

1). Register an account in Storj. After registration, login to Storj, and go to Objects.

2). Click Continue.

3). Copy the passphrase and save it.

4). Check the "Yes, I wrote this down..." option.

5). Click Access Data.

6). Enter a bucket name, and click Create Bucket.

7). Your bucket for storing backup data is created.

8). From the Access section, click Create Access Grant.

9). Enter an access grant name and click Next.

10). Click Continue in Browser

11). Enter the encryption passphrase that you copied previously, and click Next.

12). Copy the access grant phrase, and click Generate S3 Gateway Credentials.

13). Click Generate Credentials.

14). Click Generate Credentials.

15). Copy and save these info.

How to configure Storj as a backup destination in AhsayOBM

1). Gather the following info from your Storj account:

- Endpoint URL
- Access Key
- Secret Key
- Bucket name

2). Go to your AhsayOBM backup software and select "Backup Sets".

3). Create a new backup set, or select an existing backup set.

4). Add a new destination.

5). Choose "AWS S3 Compatible Cloud Storage".

6). Enter all the required info of your Storj cloud storage account, then click "Test".

7). The software can successfully connect to Storj cloud storage account.

8). Save the destination info to your backup set.

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