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Complete Backup Solution for Small Businesses

Most small businesses have simple IT infrastructure. All critical files are stored on one or a few NAS devices, with some other data stored on the cloud. What they need is a simple, effective and affordable backup solution that can centrally back up those data to a secure offsite location to prevent data loss caused by disaster. With Ahsay's small business backup solutions, you are well positioned to convert them into your customers easily.

Backup critical data stored on NAS

Most SMBs store their critical data centrally on NAS devices. With our AhsayOBM NAS backup agent, you can securely back up all those data. Built-in retention policy allows user to restore data to any previous version when needed.

Protect Office 365 mailboxes and emails

Office 365 Exchange Online has widely adopted by many small businesses in replacing the self-hosted Exchange Servers. With Ahsay, you can help them back up Office 365 individual mailboxes, emails, contacts, calendars and tasks through Ahsay's web console without any agent.

Cloud-to-Cloud / Cloud-to-Local backup

You can help your customers prevent critical data loss on their primary cloud by backing up data from their public cloud to another cloud, local storage, FTP/SFTP sites, external USB drive, or local/mapped network drives. No agent is required.

Host backup data in datacenter or cloud

You can host your users' backup data either on your own storage in datacenter, or on your public cloud storage account such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.

Huge room for markup

To backup a NAS device, a few Office 365 mailboxes, and cloud data, our pay-as-you-go licensing option is very affordable. Besides, we don't charge you anything on the data size, leaving you a huge room for you to markup from storage and earn handsome recurring profits.

We have your back

In case your customers run into any problem that you don't know how to deal with, our professional support team is here to resolve your problem quickly, whether through phone, chat, or ticket.

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