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Ahsay offers two types of backup solutions:
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Managed Backup-as-a-Service (AMBaaS)
For MSPs who prefer not to host or maintain their backup server and infrastructure. With a simple storage-based pricing model, with the option of using either an Ahsay branded or a co-branded service.
No hardware provisioning required.
​No storage provisioning required.​
​No complicated server installation.​
​No advanced technical skills required.​
​No Hassle! Up and running in no time at all.​
The smartest way to start your backup business is to sign up with Ahsay Managed Backup-as-a Service. A platform which allows MSP’s to quickly start their backup business with minimal cost, risk, and time.
As the backup server is hosted and monitored by Ahsay, you can offload all AhsayCBS backup server maintenance and management tasks to our experience IT team. Leaving you to focus 100% on marketing, sales, and customer service to grow your backup business.
A private pre-installed and configured
backup server instance.​
A pre-configured login account to AhsayCBS
backup server web admin console.
​​A customized unique URL​
​A pre-configured AhsayOBM user account.​​
100GB of free cloud storage.
​The login credentials for your environment.​
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Recover any Microsoft 365 email, chat and list item in no time
Ahsay can backup and restore any Microsoft 365 email, contact, calendar, site, list item, group mail, Teams chat and channel message easily for you. In the event of your Microsoft 365 data being deleted inadvertently by negligence, or deliberately by hackers or departing staff in retaliation, all Microsoft 365 business data are still intact with Ahsay. Data can be restored immediately. Business can be resume to normal as if nothing has happened in no time.

Ahsay Microsoft 365 backup solution for businesses and MSPs

Microsoft Doesn't Have a Clear Backup Policy for Microsoft 365 Data

Have you found any clear SLA covered backup policy from Microsoft on how they will be protecting data on Microsoft 365, including SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive? No? That's normal, as none of us can find it, like those replies in this discussion thread on Microsoft Tech Community. Therefore, your customers need a secure backup solution like Ahsay to put their Microsoft 365 data under users' own control!

Cyber Threats Protection

Protect mission-critical Microsoft 365 data from being loss caused by cyber threats such as malware, spam, targeted spear phishing, and ransomware.

Stay Compliant

Ensure regulatory compliance with retention policies and avoid data loss in deactivated subscriptions.

Business Continuity

Ensure businesses keep running smoothly with the fastest recovery time with granular restore of emails and data.

Why Use Ahsay's Microsoft 365 Backup

Web-based Backup & Restore

Backup and restore of Microsoft 365 can be configured and run on Ahsay's central management web console (AhsayCBS). Thus, to your customers, no additional hardware and software are required. Restore can also be done any time at anywhere through a web browser.

Let Customers Run Their Own Backups

Besidse running the Microsoft 365 backup from AhsayCBS central web console, the backup can be run on a dedicated Windows machine at customer's site. This option is particularly welcomed by customers who want to host their own backup data in-house.

30% Faster than Veeam

Our speed boosting technologies made our software one of the fastest yet most affordable Microsoft 365 backup solution in the market. It is 30% faster than Veeam. Click here to see the performance test result.

Microsoft 365

Backup Microsoft 365 accounts; Outlook, OneDrive, MS Teams, Sharepoint Sites, and Public folders.

Automatic backup

Backup runs every day automatically to ensure your backed up data is always up to date.

Data Deduplication

Only the unique data blocks are backed up to minimize storage usage and costs.

Unlimited Versioning

Files or emails that are deleted from Microsoft 365 user accounts can be kept as long as you want through retention policy settings.

Flexible Recovery Options

Allows recovery of files or emails to original Microsoft 365 user account or alternative user account or even another Microsoft 365 tenant.

Point in time restore

Restore a file or email from any point in time that it was backed up. Even restore multiple versions of the same file through a single restore operation if needed.

Two-Factor Authentication

Access to your data is protected by Two-factor authentication.

Un-hackable encryption

All backup data is protected using AES 256-bit encryption.

Multi-Destination Backup

Data can be backed up to multiple destinations including on-premises network share, FTP/SFTP server and cloud storage minimize the risk of data loss.

Preview Mode

Quickly check the contents of Email, SharePoint Site, MS Teams Chats without having to restore them first.

Quick Download

Easily restore single items or files from Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint Sites, MS Teams Chats, or Public Folders a local destination.

Restore to PST file

Restore Outlook mailboxes or items to a local PST file.

Restore to CSV file

Restore contents of SharePoint Sites to a local CSV (Comma Separate Values) file.

Restore to HTML file

Restore contents of MS Teams Chats to a local HTML file.

Restore to archive file

Restore emails, SharePoint Sites, or Teams Chats data to a single compressed archived file to a local destination or to OneDrive either on existing Microsoft organization or an alternative Microsoft organization.

Multi-level Granular Recovery

For more accurate and faster data recovery, recover specific emails or even just the individual attachments. As well as specific files and documents from SharePoint, MS Teams Chats, or Public folders.

Easy Deployment

To deploy Ahsay's Microsoft 365 backup, simply create an AhsayOBM client user in your AhayCBS centralized management console with Microsoft 365 backup module enabled. Then, either create an Microsoft 365 backup set through AhsayCBS (agentless backup), or in AhsayOBM client backup agent software (agent-based backup). After a few steps of configuration, the selected data will be automatically backed up to the desired destinations in real-time manner.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the most competitive and flexible pricing to fulfill your Microsoft 365 backup needs. Microsoft 365 add-on module to AhsayOBM and AhsayACB client agents is priced per user basis that is far more affordable than other major competitors.

If you want to rebrand our software, just pay a low one-time rebranding option fee. Then, in conjunction with valid software maintenance, you can self rebrand the software through the AhsayCBS.

Top Notch Support

Our Standard Support Service runs from 9am to 2am everyday Monday to Friday Hong Kong time (GMT+8) that has coverage for most timezones. You can contact us by "Phone", "Ticket" and "Live Chat". If you need 24x7 support, you can subscribe to our Premium Support Service.

Click here to view the details of our support services.

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