White-label Managed Backup Solution for Service Providers
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White-Label Managed Backup Solution
for Service Providers (MSPs)

Multi-Tier, Multi-Tenant
with Branding, API, Central Management

Offer Self-Hosted White-Label Managed Backup Service with Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite

Looking for a white-label managed backup solution for offering managed backup service to your end customers? Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite is a robust, feature-rich, yet affordable white-label managed backup solution that can fulfill your need.

MSP-side Customer-side
  • Server-side central management deployable in traditional datacenter or on cloud VM (hardwareless)
  • Backup data can be hosted on physical or cloud object storage
  • Server-side replication to offsite server or public cloud
  • Live activities monitoring for backup, restore and replication
  • Daily consolidated email report for system administrator
  • Fully rebrandable into your own brandname
  • Comprehensive endpoint backup options, e.g. Exchange, SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Lotus Domino, VMware, Hyper-V, Office 365, cloud to cloud, etc.
  • Fast multi-thread incremental backup to your datacenter or your public cloud storage account
  • Data retention policy and file versioning
  • Daily and per job email reports to clients
  • End to end encryption, compression, in-file deduplication

Flexible deployment options

The whole Ahsay's solution is with flexible client-server architecture. AhsayCBS server-side centralized management console can be installed on your own backup server hosted in your datacenter, on cloud VM such as Microsoft Azure, or on backup appliances deployed in your customers' offices. Users' backup data can be stored on your own backup server, or on cloud storage such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, etc., or the locally deployed backup appliances. The AhsayOBM / AhsayACB client agents are for installing on the servers, workstations that need to be backed up. With proper configuration, your customers' data will be automatically backed up or replicated to your managed storage.

The following are some common deployment options that our existing partners adopted:
        Option 1: AhsayCBS and backup data hosted in your datacenter
        Option 2: AhsayCBS and backup data hosted in public cloud (hardwareless deployment)
        Option 3: Deploy backup appliance at customer's site and replicate to your datacenter
        Option 4: Deploy backup appliance at customer's site and replicate to dedicated replication appliance

Deploy backup appliance at customer's site and replicate to your datacenter

Pros Cons
  • Win customers who are unwilling to backup data to MSP's datacenter.
  • Generate extra income from appliance hardware sales, rental and maintenance on top of backup software sales.
  • Additional income from replication service and backup appliance recovery service.
  • One Replication Receiver for serving multiple customers' replications.
  • Fulfill regulatory requirement on keeping backup data within customer's own country.
  • Customers might refuse to engage your replicaton service.
  • Relatively slow backup appliance recovery time.

There are customers who prefer to have total ownership on their backup data and are reluctant to back up their data to third party's datacenter, i.e. your datacenter. To win these customers, you can offer them backup appliances with your rebranded AhsayCBS installed so that they can fully manage their backup system within their premises.

To eliminate data loss caused by on-site disasters, you can offer them offsite replication service to your datacenter (by creating individual receivers on your datacenter's AhsayCBS), so that when disaster strikes, you can help them recover the data from your replication server.

Your customer will be responsible for backup users creation and management on AhsayCBS. All the client machines will be backed up by AhsayOBM and AhsayACB to the locally deployed backup appliance.

For casual data loss caused by accidental deletion, software failure, etc., your customers can quickly restore data from their local AhsayCBS backup appliance.

When a severe disaster strikes a customer's site, you can help them rebuild a new backup appliance, restore their backup data and settings to the new appliance, and send it back to your customer for disaster recovery.