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Instant VM Recovery. Granular Restore. Low Price.
Hyper-V Guest VM Virtual Machine Backup Solution

Ahsay promises quick, safe and easy backup for your Hyper-V virtual machines. Our Hyper-V backup software ensures fast HyperV guest VM backup to local as well as cloud storage, e.g. Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, etc. Our VM Run Direct feature allows you to instantly spin-up a Guest VM from its point in time backup file in just a couple of minutes. You can also use the Granular Restore feature to restore individual files within a guest VM within restore or spin-up the guest VM first.

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Easy deployment

To back up your Hyper-V system, you just need to install AhsayOBM client backup application with Ahsay Hyper-V Backup Module enabled on your Hyper-V host. After proper configuration of Hyper-V backup set, such as select the Guest VMs to back up, configure the backup schedule, destinations, retention policy and VM Run Direct settings, etc, Guest VMs will be backed up to local storage, network share, your centralized backup server (AhsayCBS) or cloud storage automatically. You can also replicate the data on the backup server (AhsayCBS) to a replication server or to cloud storage for additional protection.

Run VM directly from its backup file

If a backed up VM is failed or deleted accidentally, our VM Run Direct feature allows you to keep the downtime within minutes, as you can run the VM directly from its backup file without the need to restore the backed up image into the original Hyper-V host first.

Point in time VM restore

Our VM Run Direct or full VM restore allow you to run or restore a VM from any point in time that it was backed up. The VM will be run or restored in exactly the same state as it was during the backup, and will appear on the Hyper-V host you selected for restore.

Live VM migration

With the VM Run Direct feature, you can choose to migrate the running backup VM to its original host machine.

Hyper-V cluster supported

If you have a Hyper-V cluster with multiple Hyper-V hosts, Ahsay Hyper-V backup solution is able to properly back up all Guest VMs within your cluster, so that you don't need to purchase the pricey Datacenter license of Microsoft System Center for Hyper-V cluster backup purpose.


The multi-threading implementation in Ahsay Hyper-V backup solution will utilize the computing power of multiple CPU cores for creating multiple backup and restore threads to give you super-fast VM backup and restore performance.

Lan-free backup and replication

Ahsay Hyper-V backup solution allows you to use fiber-channel and iSCSI SANs to reduce your network loading and increase the backup data transfer rate significantly.

Continuous backup

In case you have mission critical Guest VMs with tight Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Ahsay Hyper-V backup solution has the Continuous Backup feature that can trigger backup as frequent as once per minute for fulfilling any tight RPO.

Multi-destination backup to local and cloud destinations

You can back up Guest VMs to multiple destinations, including local drive of the Hyper-V host, network share, FTP/SFTP server, and public cloud storage sequentially or concurrently.

Flexible retention policy

Ahsay Hyper-V backup solution allows you to set flexible retention policies, including daily, weekly, monthly, yearly policies to suit your IT audit and compliance needs.

Unhackable 256-bit truly randomized encryption key

If you are backing up to public cloud, you can turn on the encryption feature which will by default encrypt the backup data locally with 256-bit truly randomized encryption key which is impossible to be hacked even by brute force attack by supercomputer.

Encryption key recovery

System administrator can force users to upload their hashed encryption key to the centralized management console so when a user has lost his/ her encryption key, the system administrator can engage our encryption key recovery service to get the key back for that user.

Manage all backup users through a centralized web console

In case you have many Hyper-V hosts managed by many system administrators, Ahsay Hyper-V backup solution allows you to create multiple backup user accounts for these administrators in the AhsayCBS centralized management software, and centrally monitor and manage their activities through a web console. Clear audit trail is available for compliance purpose.

Enterprise scalability

The scalable one to many server-client architecture is a highly scalable solution for MSPs with any number of users. For companies with large user bases, server-side redirector module can be utilized for redirecting users to different backup servers.

Fully rebrandable for MSPs

All graphics and wordings in the AhsayCBS centralized backup server and AhsayOBM client backup application are fully rebrandable and customizable for MSPs.

How Ahsay VM Run-Direct works

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