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Microsoft Exchange Backup Solution
Full EDB and Brick-level Backups. Rebrandable. Affordable.

Whether you want to back up Microsoft Exchange database or individual Exchange mailboxes, you can count on the AhsayOBM client agent to fulfill your need. When using Ahsay Microsoft Exchange Backup Module and Mail-level Backup Module in conjunction with AhsayOBM, backup and restore of the whole EDB information store and individual mails of Microsoft Exchange Server can be done easily.

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Flexible deployment options

Single Host On-Server Deployment

Single Host Remote Deployment* New in v7.15

*This feature only applies to Exchange Server 2016 mail level backup sets.

DAG On-Server Deployment

DAG Remote Deployment* New in v7.15

*This feature only applies to Exchange Server 2016 mail level backup sets.

Cost savings on DAG mail level backup

You can save client access licenses (CALs) if you opt for the remote deployment for Exchange 2016 DAG mail level backups (refer to deployment diagram below). As you only need one AhsayOBM license on the remote backup machine to back up all the nodes within the DAG, the administrative and operational hassles involved in installation and upgrade of AhsayOBM on each Exchange node can be eliminated.

More resource effective

Compared to an on-server backup, Exchange 2016 mail level backup on a remote deployment is more resource effective because it utilizes the resources of the remote backup machine and does not have a significant impact on the Exchange 2016 server load.

Continuous backup of mailbox data

You can adopt continuous backup scheduling to back up the latest changes of your mailbox data continuously. The remote deployment of Exchange 2016 mail level backup enables the system to make use of the remote backup machine's resources, such that there will be less performance impact on the Exchange 2016 server.

Brick-level individual mailbox backup

Our Exchange Mail Level backup solution allows you to back up data at mailbox level, folder level and even item level instead of the whole database. With just a few clicks, you can quickly back up individual emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and public folders.

Simple and quick restore of Exchange data

If you lost or accidentally deleted some important emails, you can easily and swiftly restore those emails to their original or an alternate mailbox without the need to restore the whole Exchange database.

Support Database Availability Group (DAG)

Our Exchange DAG solution supports backup and restore of Exchange DAG at both database and mailbox levels, even if the nodes in the DAG are geographically distributed. You can install AhsayOBM backup agent on all Exchange servers within the DAG and set each server to run the same backup set at the same scheduled backup time. For Exchange 2016 DAG mail level backups, you can even just install AhsayOBM on a remote Windows backup machine and back up individual nodes automatically or manually.

Database hot backup

With the hot backup feature in our Exchange Database backup solution, you can back up the Exchange database while continuing to access the data 24x7 without any service interruption or performance impact. This lets users carry on working while the backup is performed.

Automatic backup with flexible scheduling

The Exchange backup can be scheduled at one's will so that it is performed most conveniently. Administrators can also create multiple custom backup plans to comply with various regulatory requirements.

In-File Delta incremental backup

With our In-File Delta incremental backup technology, only changed blocks are backed up each time. During restoration, these blocks will be combined with previous backups to synthesize a new full backup for quick recovery.


The multi-threading implementation in our solution can leverage distributed backups on multiple remote machines for Exchange 2016 mail level backup sets to further improve backup performance and reliability especially for Exchange servers with a large number for mailboxes to protect.

Multi-destination backup to local and cloud destinations

You can back up the Exchange Server data to multiple destinations, including local drive of the Exchange Server, network share, FTP/SFTP server, and public cloud storage sequentially or concurrently. You can be benefited from data redundancy as well as backup and restore flexibility.

Unhackable 256-bit truly randomized encryption key

If you are backing up to public cloud, you can turn on the encryption feature which will by default encrypt the backup data locally with 256-bit truly randomized encryption key which is impossible to be hacked even by brute force attack by supercomputer.

Centralized administration and configuration in web console

Our centralized web console offers administrators and backup users a one-stop location for monitoring and managing backup and restore activities. Administrators are allowed to create multiple backup user accounts and mass deploy backup rules at the same time. This saves provisioning costs and time in organizations with large enterprise deployment.

Fully rebrandable for MSPs

Our Exchange backup solution is fully rebrandable for MSPs. All logo images and wordings in the user interface can be customized. MSPs can even hide the unwanted features from their clients by using Group Policy feature in AhsayCBS centralized management console.

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