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Cloud-to-Cloud / Cloud-to-Local Backup
Centralized Management. Rebrandable. Low Price.

Storing corporate data in the cloud is becoming prevalent among organizations. Cloud data can be as vital as on-premises assets. While cloud storage often offer some level of backup and security, they are not immune from human-caused data loss like accidental deletions and malicious activities. What's more, many cloud providers only keep limited file versions and purge the deleted or older versions after a certain period of time. Relying on the cloud provider to recover critical data may expose your business to serious risks such as lost intellectual property and regulatory non-compliance.

Ahsay's Cloud File Backup solution empowers your clients to take full control of their sensitive corporate information that resides outside of their data centers, keep it as long as they want, and recover with ease.

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Ahsay cloud to cloud / cloud to local backup for managed service providers (MSPs)

Agentless or agent-based deployment options

Administrators are empowered to deploy the Cloud File backup solution flexibly in agentless or agent-based approach for meeting different needs. Simply use the AhsayCBS web console for hassle-free backup and restore management on the go, or adopt the AhsayACB or AhsayOBM client agent for robustness and backup performance.

Automatic backup with flexible scheduling

Cloud File backup can be scheduled at one's will so that it is performed most conveniently. Backup jobs can be run automatically at a specific time or on a recurring basis. Administrators can also create multiple custom backup plans to comply with various regulatory requirements.

High-speed and efficient backup

Our block-level incremental backup technology breaks down the files into blocks so that only changed blocks are backed up each time, whereas the multi-threading implementation in our solution utilizes the computing power of multiple CPU cores for creating multiple backup and restore threads to turbocharge the cloud file backup and restore performance.

Multiple backup destinations

Users are allowed to back up encrypted cloud data to local drive, network share, FTP/SFTP server, and public cloud storage sequentially or concurrently, for the benefit of data redundancy as well as backup and restore flexibility.

Infinite retention of cloud data

Users are able to keep their important cloud data as long as they want utilizing custom retention policies. They can also set daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly retention policies to flexibly suit their IT audit and compliance needs.

Flexible point-in-time recovery

Users can restore their cloud data from any point in time that it was backed up. Even multiple versions of an item can be recovered through a single operation if needed. There are no more fears for data loss due to accidental or malicious deletions.

Unhackable 256-bit randomized encryption key

If users are backing up to public cloud, they can turn on the encryption feature that by default encrypts the cloud data with 256-bit truly randomized encryption key that is impossible to be hacked even by brute force attack by supercomputer.

Encryption key recovery

Administrators can make it mandatory for users to upload their hashed encryption key to the centralized management console, so that when a user has lost his/her encryption key, the administrator can engage in our encryption key recovery service to get the key back for that user.

Centralized administration and configuration

Our centralized web console offers administrators and backup users a one-stop location for monitoring and managing backup and restore activities. Administrators are allowed to create multiple backup user accounts and mass deploy backup rules at the same time. This saves provisioning costs and time in organizations with large enterprise deployment.

Fully rebrandable for MSPs

The whole Ahsay Cloud File backup solution is fully rebrandable for MSPs. All logo images and wordings in the user interface can be customized. MSPs can even hide the unwanted features from their clients by using Group Policy feature in AhsayCBS centralized management console.

How Ahsay Cloud File backup works

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