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Ahsay Managed Backup-as-a-Service 15-day free trial registration
No credit card required.​
No complicated server installation.​
​No hardware provisioning required.​
​No advanced technical skills required.​
No storage provisioning required.​
​No Hassle! Up and running in 1 business day!​
A private pre-installed and configured
backup server instance.​
A pre-configured login account to AhsayCBS
backup server web admin console.
​​A customized unique URL​
​A pre-configured AhsayOBM user account.​​
100GB of free cloud storage.
​The login credentials for your environment.​
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Getting Your Software Rebranded Effortlessly

This is a premium professional service for letting Ahsay's professional customer service team help you customize and rebrand your AhsayCBS, AhsayOBM, and AhsayACB applications. We will also build the rebranded AhsayOBM and AhsayACB software installers for you. This will certainly save your effort and shorten your time to market. You can then focus on activities that add more value to your business.


1. Adapting your logo into AhsayOBM, AhsayACB and AhsayCBS

Adapt your logo into all the images required for rebranding AhsayOBM, AhsayACB and AhsayCBS based on your product name and logo

2. Customize AhsayCBS to reflect your brand

3. Customize AhsayOBM/AhsayACB to reflect your brand

4. Provide custom download link to retrieve your branded installer

Provide a temporary custom download link where you can retrieve your new branded installer




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