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Backupset Data Migration Report

We heard your feedback and know you find it difficult to know the status of the data migration when you're doing it yourself. You prefer to easily review a report, which you can use as a tool for record-keeping or to show your client users, without having to manually decipher CBS Logs. Therefore, we have established this service to generate the report for you.

What is included with the service?

What's not included?

How does Ahsay collect the information to produce the report?

We use public Ahsay API along with CBS login credential, to collect the information at time of execution to generate the report.

What PII is collected in the report?

Users' Username, Backupset name, Client hostname, your CBS server's license details.

Is this Service self-serve? How is the report delivered?

No, it is not self-serve. We will generate the report within one or two business days, then email it to you (via Service Ticket).

What is required to purchase service?


Limited-time offer:

As an introduction to this service, we will offer a try-before-you-buy, with one free report (flat) for one backup user, per partner. Mention this offer with your request.

Got question on this service?

Just let us know your question. We will get back to you within 1 business day.