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2-Factor Authentication

The login to Ahsay's client software, AhsayOBM and AhsayACB, as well as AhsayCBS web console is protected by 2-Factor Authentication in conjunction with our Ahsay Mobile app to prevent hackers from deleting backup data after compromising the machine that has AhsayOBM / AhsayACB / AhsayCBS running on it.

Two supported authentication methods

How it works

For login to AhsayOBM/AhsayACB with two-factor authentication enabled, the user will be asked to select the method that you would like to use. This depends on the authenticator app being registered. The user will either accept the login request via push notification in the Ahsay Mobile app, or enter a one-time password generated in the third-party authenticator apps such as Authy, Duo, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass etc.



For the details on how Ahsay's 2-Factor Authentication works, click here to read Ahsay's Mobile App User Guide.