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See Why Our Customers Like Us

We believe that Ahsay has three major characteristics: fully integrated and complete backup solution, best value for money product, fast and customer-focused support service.

Apostolis Hatzigeorgiou

We have used Ahsay backup software over 5 years to serve our Vietnamese customers. It helped our customers so much to protect their data and save them from data loss disasters for many times. We received great support from Ahsay Support Team and Technical Team, too.

We have upgraded from Version 6 to AhsayCBS Version 7 because of the enhanced features, especially the VM Run Direct feature. Now we can offer our customers more VM backups instead of only file backups and we managed to generate much more revenue from our existing storage customers.

Dang Ngoc Chien
Terabox Technology Co., Ltd

AhsayUp Upgrade Service was an unexpectedly helpful service - we were prepared for quite a lot of issues but in the end it was such a smooth task with a dedicated engineer from Ahsay that we wondered why we didn't do it earlier.

It is really important to have a robust backup solution within Veber's product range. Ahsay covers so many different server and workstation solutions that it is a product we actually want to use.

James Robinson

We have been using Ahsay for 9 years, from Version 5 to now Version 7. We take backups everyday for about 5,000 computers and never lose a file throughout 9 years.

Ahsay is listening to their partners and always improving the product. Ahsay Backup Software is also very easy to set up and taking backups has never been easier.

Olivier Tollet

I am a new Ahsay client and have just purchased your software to be used as a remote backup solution for our existing clients as well as new ones.

Your sales team have been very helpful and efficient. We strive to provide the best quality solutions to our clients and in order to achieve this it is important that we get good service from our suppliers.

I have been dealing with Galvani and he is knowledgeable and friendly.

I look forward to building a good relationship with Ahsay . It has been a pleasure dealing with you so far!

All the best

Dale Hurwitz
B.Com (Information Systems) - UCT

"I have very good things to say about your support. I send you a lot of question, and always get an answer, sometimes just hours after I send, sometimes 1 day.

The good thing is that you have a lot of good Documentation, and very good answers to questions.

I have been trying to deal with other producers abroad, that has poor Documentation, and poor support. It is very hard, and a lot of work, and annoying to do business with people that do not understand the value of good support and customer service."

All the best

Geir Kristoffersen
Backup Banken AS

"We were looking for an answer to all of our tape issues with many of our clients. As a value added reseller of hardware and software solutions combined with managed services we were looking for a way to improve our client satisfaction with back-ups and their availability when required. Many of our clients were storing tapes offsite and hoping no problems would arise. At least 40% of the restores we tried to do from tape either failed or were missing key files to complete the restore process. We decided to look at online\ disk based solutions and found most of those to be either way too expensive or much too complex and needy as far as system requirements, and general use went.

When we found Ahsay we were a bit skeptical but decided to try the trial anyway. We were surprised and amazed at how simple, stable, and easy to use the software actually was! The included agents work very well and the support from the Ahsay team was fantastic! The daily email reports make our clients feel comfortable with the system, so much so that more than half of our back-up clients have stopped using their tape back-ups and are running our back-up solution exclusively.

I am confident that our relationship with Ahsay will continue to grow as they are quick to respond to customer requests when it comes to new features and are always ready to assist with any problems that may arise. We look forward to more improvements and feel that Ahsay is simply the best online backup solution available today."

Todd Nelson
VP Sales & Services
Computer Storage Services

"After 3 unsuccesfull experiences with unreliable or unflexible backup solutions using tape and harddisk, I decided to start working online. At the same time this solution provided remedy for several other issues I wanted to avoid: 1. the risk of someone forgetting to replace tapes, or expensive tape exchange robots to get stuck. 2. To avoid the risks of onsite backup such as fire, burglary, flooding, lightning strikes, ... 3. To have a good notification solution for all situations, 4. To have a single backup solution for all our platforms, such as file, exchange, SQL, SBS2003. and 5. To have easy access to a history of files (versioning).

Somewhat to my surprise Ahsay provided a solution to all of these challenges! Many years ago, just before I became an Ahsay customer, I was somewhat worried about the future of Ahsay : I didn't know the company, and it was located on the other end of the world. So I took a chance, the investment was relatively small, and payback (as opposed to service providers) would be quickly obtained.

Today, I can definately confirm that this decission was one of our better IT decissions. Ahsay has the best support department I have ever met in my 20 years of IT experience. Create a ticket and watch your inbox, that's how fast they are.

Although our independent backup solution was good for our company (because we have a lot of experience), I fully realize that backup providers are very good for those who have less in-house IT experience. In fact several of our IT partners have now adopted Ahsay backup solutions as part of their services portfolio.

I am excited about the most recent introduction of exchange brick level support and volume shadow copy support, which renders the system virtually hassle-free. Daily backup reports show successfull results, every day.

Thanks to Ahsay our business runs safer."

Ing. Stefan Louis

"We run a danish online backup service aimed at the danish SMB market. We have evaluated online backup software from the leading vendors in the market and found that AhsayOBS is the best fit for us.

AhsayOBS is, and will continue to be, the backbone of our go to market strategy."

Nicolaj Bruun
BackUp Systems Aps

"We have moved our off-site backup clients from NovaWeb to Ahsay and have had great success. The backups run without issue, the reporting is great and the flexibility with the OEM customization is just what we were looking for. The API will allow integration with your billing system which will save substantial time on the back end. I just wish we would have made the switch sooner."

Glenn Hall, President/CEO
PlanNet Technologies, Inc

"We have evaluated the software for several months before we entered the Distributor Agreement with Ahsay . We found the software is user friendly, highly stable and promising. Also, the software is able to support a wide range of O/S platform which able to fulfil the need of the corporation market. We know that we will have a long term and prosperous relationship with Ahsay."

Taylor Man
IT & Solution Development
NTT Communications

"We wanted to offer our customers the ability to backup their data to a remote location. The task seemed impossible; the software we found was either too expensive or did not meet our standards. But late in the process we stumbled across Ahsay Offsite Backup Server. After heavy testing we came to the conclusion, that the software met our demands, including a broad range of features plus support for almost any OS. The software showed to be highly stable and the dialogue with the sales / support team was unexceptionable - we wanted to customize the software and they were more than helpful. We have now been running with Ahsay for almost two years and their continuous software development keeps amazing me. Altogether we are VERY satisfied with offering Ahsay Remote Backup to our customers."

Stefan Nielsen A/S

"After many days of researching different solutions and testing each product, Ahsay was the one that came out on top. The right combination of features for the right price."

Josh Hardin
Hardin Technology, LP

"Offering the best Online Backup possible is our goal. Our choice for Ahsay AhsayOBM software therefore is a logic decision. State of the art software, new features added every quarter. It makes it possible for us to service the total SME market up to 500GB per account. Maybe even more important is our good relationship with Ahsay . Backup Connect has been tested as best Online Backup provider for 4 timers.

We are operating in over 10 countries and grow every day. We believe within 3 years the sales of the online backup exceed the sales of the traditional backup."

Mr. H.H. de Roo
Chief Commercial Officer
Backup-Connect International Ltd.

"RapidHost were looking for a remote backup solution that they could really recommend to their customers. We found it with Ahsay 's products. Great product with great service and support to match."

Iain Robertson
RapidHost Ltd

"I have just had the need to use your restore function to backup files lost to the global virus attack earlier this week. Your software worked beautifully providing access again to valuable data. I have only good things to say about your service, company and software. Yours is a valuable contribution to the IT backup world. Thanks Very Much!"

Richardson Cook
Proscenium Research
New York City

"I was working with a company who's aim it was to provide managed business IP Telephone and e-mail Systems. One of our aims was to provide a full offsite backup service as part of this package. After some investigation of Open Source alternatives and other commercial systems I came across AhsayOBS. After testing an installation of AhsayOBS I was very impressed. So impressed in fact that I decided to set-up an entirely new business just to sell online backup services using the AhsayOBS/AhsayOBM software.

We have now been operating for a couple of months and as well as providing an offsite service using our own servers we are now using the Replication Services to mirror the customer data to a dedicated replication server.

More opportunities have presented themselves as we have become more experienced in using the software. We have identified several customer who would be very interested in their own AhsayOBS servers which would be replicated to our AhsayRPS server to provide fast onsite backups with full offsite replication. We are even discussing this with a number of companies who specialise in Disaster Recovery.

From small beginings I believe that the AhsayOBS software can provide us with great business opportunities now and in the future and I am very impressed with their support and development roadmap (which they seem to stick to pretty well unlike other software vendors)

I would like to thank everyone at Ahsay for their support during our launch period and look forward to many years of fruitful business ahead."

Lee Mason
Backups Anywhere Ltd

"You have a great product and you are a pleasure to deal with."

Robert Boyle
Tellurian Networks

"PerfectBackup thinks that the backup solution Ahsay offers is one of the best in the market. PerfectBackup is aiming to be a global company with local agents to offer an affordable offsite backup solution. The software is powerful, secure, reliable easy to install and support the most common databases. Also the In-File Delta technology and volume shadow copy are great features. The OEM version Ahsay offers to customize the software for a totally branded backup solution is really fantastic! The response time of the support staff is really quick and they always came up with the correct answers to resolve the problem."

Mr. Peter Meijer
PerfectBackup Ltd.

"Things are working great with AhsayOBS. It has been running and fully functional moving our critical files off sight for several months now. Our experience has been one that has been enjoyable from the first contact for purchase through the installation process including support and the after sales contacts. All of our contacts with Ahsay have been handled professionally, timely, knowledgeably and by nice people. Have a great day. 7-26-06"

Monte Thiebaud
The National Dublin Bank

"I was looking for a backup solution to offer my clients that was simple to setup, easy to use, and involved little or no maintenance. I found the answer with Ahsay Online Backup Software. After I branded the software I couldn't believe how easy it was to sell to my clients. I am already making a profit and it has only been six months. Ahsay 's Online Backup Software has delivered on all fronts and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an online / offsite disaster recovery solution for their business."

Jake Brody, President
Innovation Technology Solutions, LLC

"Offsite Backup Solutions is extremely happy with Ahsay Backup software. Our business has more than quadrupled since switching from our previous vendor. This software made it possible for us to back up many of our customers where our previous software couldn't because of software limitations. The software is easy to use, easy to implement and our customers absolutely love the ease of performing daily / nightly backups without any thought. I would also like to add that we save at least 1 company from total disaster every week."

Todd Standage
Offsite Backup Solutions

"I used to stay behind every weekend after everyone left to do my weekly backup using CD-R. Now I don't have to do any work and can backup my data daily. Great work!"

Tony Chan
IT Manager, Million Trader Limited, HK

How to Download and Try

Download the trial version of AhsayCBS centralized management console from here. A 60 days free trial key has been bundled within the AhsayCBS trial software already.
Install it on a physical machine or VM, and then get the AhsayCBS machine's IP / domain accessible by other computers. Refer to this Quick Start Guides for installation, basic configuration, and getting the AhsayOBM/ACB client side data backed up to the server. Here's a video demo on the initial AhsayCBS server configuration.
Follow any of AhsayOBM backup and restore guides here to create backup sets for backing up cloud data, Exchange / SQL / MySQL databases, VMware / Hyper-V virtual machines, and Office 365 SharePoint / Exchange (Outlook) / OneDrive data.
The rebranding process cannot be tested with a trial license. But the procedure is simple. This video shows you how you can do it in your AhsayCBS web console.

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