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Manage Backup Users and System
Anytime, Anywhere

AhsayCBS is the core server side application to be installed on a server or virtual machine for managing the backup system, backup users, group policies, and backup destinations. There are also features specifically designed for MSPs, including rebranding, trial account creation, reseller management, high scalability, etc.

Real Time Status Monitoring

Real time status of the system, current backup and restore jobs, errors and warnings, etc. are available at a glance for administrator to monitor the health of the backup system and troubleshoot quickly when needed.

Flexible Destination Management

AhsayCBS supports the use of local drive, mapped network drive, FTP / SFTP server, public cloud object storage as the backup destination for storing the backup data. Administrator can add as many destinations as required.

Runs on Cloud Platform

AhsayCBS can be run on common cloud platforms including Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, which enables you to deploy the whole backup solution quickly and economically.

Simple User Management

Managing backup users is simply a breeze. New users can be created automatically with our Windows AD integration. Bulk accounts can be created with our special tool. Customized policies can be applied to different group of users through Group Policy Manangement.

Instant Replication

If backup data are hosted on-premises, you can use the built-in Replication Module to replicate them to an offsite destination, such as an FTP/SFTP server or cloud storage for additional protection.

High Scalability

As the number of your backup users grows, you can always scale up the whole backup system easily by using the built-in Redirection Module for redirecting the extra user traffic to other AhsayCBS servers.

Centralized Administration for Users

Without agent installation, end users can access AhsayCBS anytime, anywhere, on any Internet-connected device to manage their own backup sets, back up/restore cloud data, monitor live activities and even restart the backed up VM directly on server.

Reseller Management

If you're an MSP, the built-in Reseller Account Management tool can allow you to recruit unlimited resellers to resell your backup service. Each reseller can have their own branded client agents and backup URL.

Unlimited Trial Accounts Creation

AhsayCBS supports the auto-creation of unlimited backup trial accounts for MSPs to entice potential customers. Most importantly, these trial accounts will NOT be charged for license usage by us! So you don't need to buy any license for offering trial.

Fully Rebrandable

All graphics and wordings in AhsayCBS are rebrandable and customizable for MSPs. Thus, you can use a rebranded AhsayCBS to build your branded backup appliance for customers who preferred on-site backup solution.

How to Download and Try

Download the trial version of AhsayCBS centralized management console from here. A 60 days free trial key has been bundled within the AhsayCBS trial software already.
Install it on a physical machine or VM, and then get the AhsayCBS machine's IP / domain accessible by other computers. Refer to this Quick Start Guides for installation, basic configuration, and getting the AhsayOBM/ACB client side data backed up to the server. Here's a video demo on the initial AhsayCBS server configuration.
Follow any of AhsayOBM backup and restore guides here to create backup sets for backing up cloud data, Exchange / SQL / MySQL databases, VMware / Hyper-V virtual machines, and Office 365 SharePoint / Exchange (Outlook) / OneDrive data.
The rebranding process cannot be tested with a trial license. But the procedure is simple. This video shows you how you can do it in your AhsayCBS web console.

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