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Until 30-Nov-2017


From Now to 30-November. Stock Up Before Price Increase



Your Exchange Mailbox Licenses

If you are going to switch your Exchange Mailboxes to Office 365 Mailboxes, we will offer as high as USD2.50 per license1 to buy them back. You will get an e-Coupon to purchase equal amount of Office 365 Mailbox licenses.


AhsayCBS 60% OFF

for Purchasing Office 365 Mailbox licenses OR Virtual Machine Modules

Enjoy 60% off for AhsayCBS if you buy 100 Office 365 Mailbox licenses OR 10 Virtual Machine modules2 in a single purchase.

1 Buy back price for Exchange Mailbox license with valid maintenance is USD2.50 each. Buy back price for Exchange Mailbox license without maintenance is USD1.25 each.

2 Virtual Machine modules can be a combination of VMware and Hyper-V backup modules.


Other Offers

Purchase Item Amount Offer
Single invoice on license purchase for partners in Version 6 ≥USD1,000 10% Discount
Single invoice on license purchase for partners already have at least one license key in Version 7 ≥USD1,000 20% Discount
Meter Deposit ≥USD1,000 10% Meter Bonus
Meter Deposit + Premium Loyalty Support ≥USD1,000 15% Meter Bonus
Premium Loyalty Support 12 month subscription Extra 6 months

Channel Partner Recruitment

Requirements Benefits
  1. Proven track record on revenue and revenue growth with Ahsay in the past three years
  2. All license keys under valid maintenance
  1. Preferential assignment of sales lead and referral to manage smaller Ahsay partner
  2. Feature in Ahsay website to drive additional business opportunities

There will be a price increase starting in January 2018. Discounts in this promotion are based on the existing pricing in 2017 before price change. Stock policy allows you to purchase in advance and put your licenses in stock for 12-months. The promotion offers are valid for orders placed now through to November 30, 2017.


Ahsay reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of the promotion items and changing the promotion validity.

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