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Ahsay Backup Software Version 7

Make Your Backup Business Rock

Boost a Truly High-Margin Business Partnership

Make handsome profits from our fully rebrandable backup solutions with totally transparent pricing

Tap into the Blue Ocean of Office 365 Backup

Seize the booming business opportunity of 200M+ Exchange mailbox backup today

Unleash Your Competitive Edge in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Secure your clients' critical cloud files with unlimited retention and offer a wide range of cloud storage choices

As more businesses move to the cloud, adoption of Office 365 is surging. However, moving to the cloud also comes with a whole new set of concerns and challenges. While clients concern the risk of data loss caused by human errors in combination with Office 365's light retention polices, MSPs face the challenge of losing revenue streams from legacy IT solutions as SMB clients increasingly leave behind the on-premises version of Office 365 applications.

Ahsay's Office 365 Exchange Online backup solution now gives clients peace of mind about their Exchange cloud data while providing MSPs with a new, predictable and consistent revenue stream. With more than 200 million Exchange Online mailboxes supported by Office 365, you now have millions of business opportunities!

Key features:

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Business continuity is so important to clients that being able to restore business data after a disaster is no longer enough. Taking days to get the mission critical production VMs up and running is more than just losing money. It damaged a company's reputation and could possibly end its business. With our new VM Run Direct on AhsayCBS feature, you can now minimize costly downtime and give your clients assurance that if their business suffers a disaster, they can be back in business instantly and work again as if nothing had ever happened.

In v7, VM Run Direct is not only available on local backup storage, but also on the AhsayCBS User Web Console, meaning that the VM database is always secure and available for recovery in a remote location. With access to the web console, your clients are now able to get their VMs up and running anytime, anywhere, from any device!

Key features:

Wish to save time and money on provisioning and managing a backup agent installed on potentially thousands of client machines? Ahsay now fulfills your wish in v7. Using the AhsayCBS User Web Console, your clients can access the centralized server environment to manage their own backup sets, back up and restore their business cloud data, and monitor live activities, without any agent installed on their machines. This agentless approach simplifies deployment and maintenance, sparing IT administrators from dealing with different agents on different operating systems, helping you eliminate the administrative and operating overhead associated with agent-based backup. In addition, the privilege of letting your clients retrieve their cloud files wherever and whenever they need them definitely gives you a competitive edge over other agent-based backup solution providers.

Key features:

Storing corporate data in the cloud is becoming prevalent among organizations. Cloud data can be as vital as on-premise assets. While cloud storage often offer some level of backup and security, they are not immune from human-caused data loss like accidental deletions and malicious activities. What's more, many cloud providers only keep limited versions of a file and the deleted or older versions are purged after a certain period of time. Relying on the cloud provider to recover critical data may expose your business to serious risks such as lost intellectual property and regulatory non-compliance.

The newly introduced Cloud File Backup solution in v7 minimizes the cost and disruption to your clients by protecting against cloud data loss. With encrypted cloud data replicated over a secure connection to AhsayCBS or other clouds, clients are able to take full control of their sensitive corporate information and recover with ease. Clients can also benefit from unlimited cloud file retention by utilizing flexible retention policies.

Key features:

Time is what matters most in workplace. Spending hours on managing backup jobs for clients means losing precious time on other more important missions. Backing up a Hyper-V VM could be a time and resource-consuming task because of its usually huge data storage. Frequently running backups may even slow down your clients' machines and interrupt their on-going business operations.

Now, lightning speed of Hyper-V backup is a reality with Ahsay's proprietary Hyper-V Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology. CBT significantly improves Hyper-V's backup performance and efficiency by speeding up delta generation in incremental backups, making the backups much smaller and faster. So, Hyper-V backups can be done in minutes, not hours! Your administrators and clients no longer have to face long and tedious backup process.

Experience the fastest ever Hyper-V backup now!

Key features:

As a means to optimize employees' productivity and boost revenue, more and more companies implement enterprise mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. Employees generate and handle work-related data on their mobile phones constantly everyday. A surging backup business opportunity is there for the taking.

With AhsayMOB mobile application, you are now empowered to back up your BYOD clients' crucial mobile data. As a comprehensive backup solution to Android and iOS mobile devices, AhsayMOB's user-friendly interface allows users to quickly configure backup settings and easily back up important data on their smartphones, such as photos, videos and contacts. To best suit clients' backup strategy and needs, our app also offers popular cloud destinations besides the AhsayCBS storage. Coupled with our latest AhsayCBS User Web Console, your clients can remotely monitor and manage their mobile backups and restores on any device.

Key features:

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