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Reduce Your Cost on Server Hardware

If you wish to host multiple instances of AhsayCBS on a single server hardware to fully utilize its processing power, AhsayPRD (Ahsay Proxy Redirector) is the component you need.

  • Hardware Better Utilized

    AhsayPRD is designed for customers and partners to host multiple branded AhsayCBS instances on one physical backup server hardware through internal domain redirection. Since AhsayCBS is not resource demanding, setting up multiple AhsayCBS instances on one hardware allows you to fully utilize the power of that hardware.

  • Save Expenses

    With AhsayPRD, only one operating system license is required now, as all AhsayCBS instances are running on the same operating system. Moreover, you only need one IP, as routing to the individual AhsayCBS instances can be done through the use of server ports. If the multiple AhsayCBS instances you intend to use can be under one domain, only one SSL certificate is required. Thus, you can have great savings on the operating system, IP, and SSL certificate.

  • Unique Branding for Resellers

    By using AhsayPRD, individual AhsayCBS instances can have their own brandings, including branded AhsayCBS, AhsayOBM, AhsayACB and AhsayRPS applications, branded reports, customized settings, automatic updating of AhsayOBM and AhsayACB, etc. It thus allows a service provider to set up different AhsayOBS instances with different brandings for their resellers effortlessly. Moreover, as each AhsayCBS instance can have its own domain name, each reseller can have its own branded AhsayCBS for offering its own braned online backup business.

  • Add New AhsayCBS Anytime

    As you can add new AhsayCBS instances anytime, it provides you with the scalability for the expansion of your backup system in the future.