How to backup Lotus Domino Server and Lotus Notes properly
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Lotus Domino Server Backup Solution
Centralized Management. Rebrandable. Low Price

Ahsay Lotus Domino Server backup solution empowers MSPs to offer secure managed backup service to your business customers. Backup data can be hosted either in your datacenter storage or in public cloud storage such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, and Google Cloud Storage. The whole solution is fully rebrandable into your own branding.

  • Lotus Domino full database backup

  • Fast multi-thread backup

  • In-File Delta incremental backup

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Unlimited retention

  • Secure 256-bit encryption

  • Local, LAN / WAN backup

  • Fully rebrandable

How it works

Simply install AhsayOBM on the Lotus Domino Server or the machine with Lotus Notes application that you intend to back up. After proper configuration, the Lotus Domino database(s) will be backed up to the AhsayOBS backup server through Local Area Network or the Internet according to the defined backup schedule(s).


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