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Spin-up backed up VMware VMs
from user web console

Besides spinning up a backed up VM from AhsayOBM client agent, your backup user is also able to spin-up VM from its backup file through the AhsayCBS user web console hosted on the same network as the VMware ESXi host without the need to restore the full VM to the host first.

How does instant VM spin-up work?

For those guest VMs that need to use this VM instant spin-up (VM Run Direct) feature, you need to specifically create VM Run Direct backup sets for those guest VMs. With those backup sets in place, when a VM instant spin-up is performed, the backup destination is mounted as a NFS datastore from the VMware host, where the VM is run directly from the backup files. Initiating a Run Direct from the AhsayCBS (also known as agentless restore) will trigger a connection directly with the ESXi server (shown in orange indicator below), while initiating the same action on the AhsayOBM requires the connection to route through the AhsayOBM (shown in green indication below).

The restored virtual machine, at this stage (e.g. before the restore is finalized) is in a read-only state to preserve its integrity. All changes made to the virtual disks (e.g. operation within the guest virtual machine) are stored separately in transaction logs stored on the NFS datastore or the original datastore, depending on the setting selected. These changes are discarded when Run Direct is stopped, where the restored VM will be removed and all changes will be discarded, or the changes will be consolidated with the original virtual machine data when the restore is finalized.

Demo on agentless VM Run Direct restore to a standby host through web console


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