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AhsayCBS v
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Run backup and restore of Office 365 mailboxes
through user web console

Ahsay's Office 365 Exchange Online backup module allows an Office 365's administrator to back up and restore individual emails, contacts, calendars and other mail items for individual Office 365 mailboxes, with snapshots / versioning, and retention policy to protect them from accidentally deletion by careless users. Besides through AhsayOBM client agent, users are also able to create Office 365 mailbox backup sets and run backups on AhsayCBS user web console.

Benefits for running from console


Some companies are not allowed install client agents due to regulatory requirement. An agentless solution can helpp them overcome such compliance hurdle.

Physical machine not required

Since the whole backup and restore process is done over the CBS server and therefore you do not need a physical machine at all.

Simplified installation

Unlike agent-based backup, you do not need to install the client backup agent on your computer or upgrade it when a newer version becomes available.

Simplified administration

With one software to manage (AhsayCBS, the backup server application), this allows administrator / user to manage backup and restore operations from a centralized console with lower time investment.

Consistency and recoverability

Backup client agent could interfere with the processing power of core applications of the machines that it is installed on. Run on Server cloud file backup job is performed on the backup server, which does not consume resources on client computer during a backup job.


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