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ONSTASH: VM Backupset Manager
Ahsay Backup Software Version 6 & 7 supported

ONSTASH VM Backupset Manager (VBM) is an easy and quick method to create backup-sets for all your VMs. It makes VM Backup as easy as 1-2-3 from small up to enterprise environments.



ONSTASH VBM comes with a user-friendly login to your Ahsay OBS/CBS and VMware vCenter Server that connects simultaneously and can remember your credentials. You can manage multiple Ahsay Backup and VMware vCenter Servers in different profiles.

After successful connection to your Ahsay Backup Server and VMware vCenter, ONSTASH VBM provides a clear overview of all the VM backup sets' properties where you can easily select all VMs for backup with only one click. Furthermore, you can automatically distribute your backup-set start times by simply entering a timespan in which you want your backup-sets to start.

Other settings including schedule host, temporary directory, compression and encryption can be automatically applied to all selected backup sets. A click on "Save", and all your backup-sets are created on the Ahsay OBS/CBS Server in no time.

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