Backup data to a backup server in datacenter
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Store your users' backup data on AhsayCBS server

AhsayOBM and AhsayACB client backup application supports backing up data directly to AhsayCBS' local drive, or mapped network drive defined as User Home drives in your AhsayCBS.

Backup to AhsayCBS' local storage
Backup to NAS mapped to AhsayCBS
Add as many User Home storage as needed
Move users to different User Home storage with a click

How it works

User Home

User Home is for storing all users' profiles. Backup data will also be stored under here if users choose to backup to AhsayCBS, or a Predefined Destination bound to AhsayCBS (for branding purpose). You can add as many AhsayCBS' local drives or mapped network drives (e.g. NAS storage) as User Home for storing users' backup data. You can move users across different User Homes easily with just a click. To understand the details on User Home configuration, check out this AhsayCBS Adminstrator's Guide.