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MyClient: The Ultimate Management Portal for Ahsay Backup Servers



MyClient brings together CRM, Support, Sales, Billing, Communication, Resellers, Automation and Server Management in a single unified fully customisable interface. Our ongoing development is driven by requests from our partner base, and is also completely impartial as we don't run a backup business ourselves. We offer a free, no obligation, 30 day trial period to see what MyClient can do for you.

MyClient supports all Ahsay CBS/OBS versions from version 6. With the great work that Ahsay has been doing on version 8, we strongly recommend using v8 for the best experience and compatibility. We've recently rolled out a number of new features to provide the best possible experience interacting with your CBS customers, including a new backupset editor and backupset configuration snapshots so that you can easily revert changes.

MyClient provides a 'single pane of glass' portal, giving you the ability to manage all of your accounts from multiple servers from a single interface, with deep CBS/OBS API integration enabling comprehensive management of your backup service. Our advanced reporting, powerful search system, and event-based workflows allow for complex workflows across your entire customer-base. An extensive reseller model and ticket system support complex business models and the portal scales gracefully to support customers of all sizes, from local IT shops to international backup giants, with pricing and service options to suit.

White-label functionality enables you to customise your portal for the ultimate customer experience. Independent reseller and customer portals provide user-facing functionality for all of your users. Deep CRM capabilities integrate the data from your backup server with detailed customer information.

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