Ahsay V6 Best Effort Support

As announced last year, Ahsay Backup Software Version 6 will enter EOL stage by end of year 2018 according to the plan.

ACP server for Version 6 will be decommissioned by then also.  Partners are reminded to build and save their own branded installer before 31 December 2018.

After the EOL being in effect, limited support will apply to Version 6.  That means Ahsay technical team as well as development team will offer “Best Effort Support” to all Version 6 partners who are under valid maintenance.  Partners will continue to have access to the License Management Portal so they can allocate their licenses if needed.

Further details of the scope of “Best Effort Support”:

  • Same support hours under standard support or Premium service
  • Providing guidance to upgrade to the Sunset Version 6, i.e. v6.29 or Version 7 and future release of Version 8
  • Troubleshooting that includes assistance in retrieving and interpreting system logs
  • Assisting in recovering the system or client setup if possible
  • Recovering backup or restore data if resolvable by our engineer
  • Identifying whether enhancements are done in Version 7

The above applies to software release of v6.29.  Any prior V6 release versions are outdated and Ahsay will not offer support any longer after Version 6 EOL.

To clarity, “Best Effort Support” will NOT include:

  • Developing hotfix and bug fix that is covered in Version 7, which is generally tied in to Java 7 implementation
  • Offering solution in protection from vulnerability covered in Java 7 and Tomcat 7. This can be fixed by upgrade to Version 7
  • Supporting new SSL certificates other than those already made available in current Version 6 version (i.e. v6.29)
  • Likewise, handling enhancement requests that is covered in Version 7, which include additional support for new versions of Operating Systems and Applications
  • Releasing new service packs or updates to operating systems and applications already supported on Version 6

Please contact us if you have any question on this Best Effort Support at partners-kb@ahsay.com or by means of a support ticket in our Partners Portal (www.ahsay.com/partners)

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