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Company Profile & Governance

Company Profile

We are one of the leading online backup software developers based in Hong Kong, with a focus on providing self-developed backup software products and services to our customers which include IT consultants, web hosting companies, telecommunications companies and MSPs located mainly in Europe and the North America. During the Track Record Period, substantially all of our backup software products and services were sold to or ordered by our customers through the Internet on our sales website at Upon purchasing our software products online at our sales website, our customers can download and activate our software products for use immediately. As our backup software products are rebrandable, our customers may provide our backup software products to their respective customers in our brand name "Ahsay" or under their own brand names.

Corporate Governance

The Company strives to attain and maintain high standards of corporate governance best suited to the needs and interests of the Company and its subsidiaries as it believes that effective corporate governance practices are fundamental to enhancing shareholder value and safeguarding interests of shareholders and other stakeholders.

Accordingly, the Company has adopted sound corporate governance principles that emphasise a quality board of Directors, effective internal control, stringent disclosure practices and transparency and accountability. It is, in addition, committed to continuously improving these practices and inculcating an ethical corporate culture.