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AhsayCBS v
Release date:  

AhsayOBS & AhsayRPS v

Release date:     Release notes: Click here

New Installation: Windows

New Installation: Linux

Manual Installation (For expert users only)

AhsayOBS and AhsayRPS Setup Guide
AhsayOBS Administrator's Guide
AhsayRPS Administrator's Guide

  Free Trial

  1. Download the above installer for New Installation and install it on a backup server machine.
  2. After installation, open AhsayOBS web console with a web browser.
  3. Log in as Administrator with the following credential:
         Username: system | Password: system
  4. Follow the instruction on the left hand side of AhsayOBS to download and install AhsayOBM and AhsayACB on the client machines to back up.
  5. We suggest you to read these articles before trial:

  Rebranding and Customization

  1. Access Ahsay Customization Portal to customize the software into your own branding.
  2. Access Ahsay License Management Portal to manage your software license.
  3. Please refer to the release notes above for the list of new features available and known issues identified in this release.
  4. The "Free Upgrade Until" date of your license (can be found on AhsayOBS Management Console -> [Manage System] -> [Software License] -> [Free Upgrade Until]) must be after the release date of the AhsayOBS that you have downloaded, otherwise the new version will not function. Please contact us to extend your upgrade subscription if your free upgrade subscription has expired.