VMware Systems Backup: Top 4 Considerations

Similar to traditional operating systems, VMs require periodic or continuous backing. While the two processes do hold some likeness, there are some factors that need special considerations. So, before you run VMware backup software, here are some factors you might want to consider:

1. Backing Up Virtual Disks or OS Images

The .VMDK, .VHD or .VHDX files exist on the storage that is connected to the hypervisor. It holds within it all the essential information and data of a virtual hard disk, that is easily accessible via a specific guest operating system. In order to backup the system, you have two options: to either run an agent in the guest OS or back up single files through the hypervisor.

2. Keep An Eye Out For I/O Storms

If you choose to install a standard backup agent in each VM, you may have to proceed with caution. When using a standard backup agent, you should manually manage the beginning and end time of each backup. This is because of limited bandwidth. Let’s assume you’re operating in conditions where you do not have access to abundant bandwidth. A simultaneous backup may result in slowing down of the overall system. A backup application that is hypervisor-aware is designed to automatically control backups to prevent a slowdown.

3. Opt For Backup Agents That Support The Hypervisor

In the recent past, VMware and Microsoft have made special allowances to address common concerns surrounding the backup of these two systems. This has been a tremendous contribution for managed service providers who now have the tools to effectively manage backing systems. The backup software for the systems that are now developed by companies are customized and especially designed to meet the specifications of certain hypervisors. So, not only are I/O storms managed, but the software creates snapshots using storage virtual disk files, enhancing the security and reliability of the data.

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Rocking Data Protection For Your Clients

As a managed service provider, you need to ensure that your clients have the absolute best to protect their business systems. Factors like business continuity, data protection and off-site backup have taken on a new significance, contributing directly to a company’s bottom line. Are you certain that you are offering the best services to protect your clients’ data today? Are the services flexible enough, and account for various operating systems? How can you improve your offering, ultimately giving your business a competitive edge?

Here are some best practices that leading MSPs and VARs are following religiously!

1. Training Users

A common mistake, on part of users, is their erroneous perception that their data is being stored irrespective of where they save it. It is easy to be unaware that only the My Documents section may be backed up by the organization. Hence, even though you may be providing the best services in terms of protecting your client’s data, if they’re not storing their files correctly, you may be held responsible for any irrecoverable data loss. Don’t risk losing an important client! Inform and train the management so that they can train their subordinates to provide better backup services.

2. Getting the Best Cloud Backup Services

Your success as a MSP or VAR is directly linked to the services that you opt for. Businesses, today, are more demanding than ever. From VMware backup software, windows system backup software to MySQL Backup, they expect flexible and reliable protection of their critical processes. Is your backup service provider up to the mark? Are you up for the challenge? You need an advanced disk-to-disk-to-disk (D2D2D) to manage the complexities of a business model so that you can provide nothing short of the best to your clientele.

3. Scalability

As a new backup service provider, you may need a single backup server. Overtime, however, based on your fast paced growth, you will feel the need to expand the number of servers. Therefore, take scalability into consideration! As you grow, is your service provider offering you flexibility? That way, you are ensuring that you continue to provide your customers with the best backup services.

Provide Your Business Customers The Best!

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