Termination of Meter Offering in Version 6

We have posted the end of support of Version 6 of the Ahsay Backup Software early this year. In light of the decreasing demand of Version 6 under the meter model, we have decided to terminate the offering of meter model in Version 6 on November 30, 2017. All meter partners currently in Version 6 are required to upgrade their software to Version 7 before November 30, 2017.

We have special offer to facilitate partners’ upgrade to Version 7 to either stay in the meter model or move to purchase key(s). For details, please contact our sales team at partners-kb@ahsay.com.

What hardware AhsayOBS should be installed on

For those who are new to our solution, you may be wondering what hardware Ahsay Offsite Backup Server (AhsayOBS) should be installed on. Actually, the hardware specification is published in the Best Practice section of the AhsayOBS Administrator Guide that can be found here.

According to the guide, it said AhsayOBS (version 6) should be installed on a machine supporting 64 bit multiple CPU and multiple cores. A 64 bit Operating System will allow AhsayOBS to run on a 64 bit Java JRE platform, as 64 bit Java is capable of supporting larger Java heap size settings. This type of configuration will provide sufficient capacity for future business expansion, to meet the needs of exisiting customers, and to support new AhsayOBS server features.

A more powerful machine will also reduce the need for frequent hardware upgrades, which will require service down time for data migration. It is a good idea to ensure your AhsayOBS server is equipped with some redundancy features, i.e power supply, network card, and is connect it to a UPS (Uninterupterable Power Supply).