Why Database Backup is Indispensable

content_components_mysqlYour business is constantly at risk. If you haven’t developed a database protection strategy as yet, it’s time you should.

No matter how efficient your IT infrastructure appears to be, there is almost always a risk of system failure leading to a loss of valuable data. However, having a well-developed backup plan is indispensable to ensure that your data is safe and protected. Backing up your data at a safe location may prevent you against hardware failure, natural catastrophe, security breaches, database corruption, and human errors.

While many large organizations have introduced backup and recovery strategies within their system, small and medium sized businesses are still lagging behind. If you are amongst the latter, read through to know why you should get an advanced and reliable backup program now.

Never Lets You Lose Your Data

Database backup system never lets you lose data. Any amount of data lost due to media failure, user errors, hardware failure, and natural disaster can easily be restored, regardless of the extent of the mishap. Restoring your entire database not just saves you from a number of data management problems and system failure issues, but also allows you to keep your business system up without any interruption.

Keeps Data Secure

Backup system can encrypt your data during backup operations to ensure that your records remain safe and protected. Because of this feature, you can store your data in any of the backup storage system without the risk of data theft.

More Efficient System

The growing volume of data may impede your database performance. Using a backup program, however, can keep your active storage space clear of junk and unnecessary files which may greatly improve your database performance.

Quick Retrieval

No matter how old your records are, backup allows you to access your data anytime. Modern, cloud based database systems act much in the same way as a local disk backup. You can easily run retrieval operations and can get access to the desired files in a much faster and efficient manner. With quick and easy access to information you may considerably reduce downtime from days to minutes.

Given the significance of fast and reliable data management system, having a robust database backup system is indispensable. Amongst others, Ahsay is a prominent name offering high end online backup software for all types of backup and data restoration needs. With our comprehensive solutions encompassing Exchange backup, MySQL backup, Oracle backup and others, we have helped a number of businesses create safe and secure data management environment. Check out our backup solutions and get the software today!

Biggest Mistakes Managed Service Providers Should Avoid

It has been estimated that there are approximately 4.6 million episodes of severe data loss per year. In light of these conditions, cloud based or online backup software offers a great solution for managed service providers to offer their customers. With the right backup support and services, they can capitalize on this growing trend, making substantial profits.

However, most often, this growth and opportunity is harbored by certain mistakes that MSPs make. This could result in losing profitable business customers. To gain a better understanding, we’re counting down some common pitfalls that you may find yourself in, and how you can avoid them!

Mistake # 1: Focusing On The Features, And Not The Benefits

It is absolutely essential that you understand every aspect of the features that you’re offering businesses. However, businesses don’t want to purchase ‘cloud backup’ or Oracle database backup. They want a solution to their problem. So when developing a communication strategy, refrain from specifying the technical features; instead focus on how the services will benefit their business, both in the long-term and short-term.

Mistake # 2: Not Understanding What Your Customers Really Want

Another common mistake that MSPs make is relying on their clients to know what their business needs in technical terms. The truth is that most businesses want a backup, granted. However, they don’t have a complete understanding of the complexities and various solutions of backup systems. Do they want to go for local hosting? Or online backup? Which is the right solution for them, keeping in mind their individual business?

It is your job, as a managed service provider, to develop a data recovery strategy that will protect their business data, with enhanced security and reliable backup services.

Mistake # 3: Going For The ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach

Every business has different sets of requirements. While some may be smaller in size, others are large corporations who require proper streamlines backup services. Some, though small, are looking to grow in the coming years. Is your data protection and backup plan factoring in all these considerations? Luckily, you have the opportunity to get in touch with a backup service provider who has the expertise to develop a customized solution, as per the individual needs of your business customers.

Avoid All These Mistakes With Ahsay™ Backup Software!

If you’re looking to increase the efficiency of your backup services, get in touch with us now, or take a look at our backup software product portfolio.