Biggest Mistakes Managed Service Providers Should Avoid

It has been estimated that there are approximately 4.6 million episodes of severe data loss per year. In light of these conditions, cloud based or online backup software offers a great solution for managed service providers to offer their customers. With the right backup support and services, they can capitalize on this growing trend, making substantial profits.

However, most often, this growth and opportunity is harbored by certain mistakes that MSPs make. This could result in losing profitable business customers. To gain a better understanding, we’re counting down some common pitfalls that you may find yourself in, and how you can avoid them!

Mistake # 1: Focusing On The Features, And Not The Benefits

It is absolutely essential that you understand every aspect of the features that you’re offering businesses. However, businesses don’t want to purchase ‘cloud backup’ or Oracle database backup. They want a solution to their problem. So when developing a communication strategy, refrain from specifying the technical features; instead focus on how the services will benefit their business, both in the long-term and short-term.

Mistake # 2: Not Understanding What Your Customers Really Want

Another common mistake that MSPs make is relying on their clients to know what their business needs in technical terms. The truth is that most businesses want a backup, granted. However, they don’t have a complete understanding of the complexities and various solutions of backup systems. Do they want to go for local hosting? Or online backup? Which is the right solution for them, keeping in mind their individual business?

It is your job, as a managed service provider, to develop a data recovery strategy that will protect their business data, with enhanced security and reliable backup services.

Mistake # 3: Going For The ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach

Every business has different sets of requirements. While some may be smaller in size, others are large corporations who require proper streamlines backup services. Some, though small, are looking to grow in the coming years. Is your data protection and backup plan factoring in all these considerations? Luckily, you have the opportunity to get in touch with a backup service provider who has the expertise to develop a customized solution, as per the individual needs of your business customers.

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Top 4 Cloud Backup Myths Busted!

Over the recent years, we’ve heard of ‘cloud data backup’ and ‘cloud storage’. It has evolved as one of the most popular and talked about services in terms of data storage and disaster recovery; yet, many managed service providers’ customers still harbor some misconceptions associated with it.

It is important that you, as a service provider, understand what your business customers are thinking in terms of cloud backup. Get your cloud facts right! We’re counting down some myths!

Myth 1: Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage Is The Absolute Same

For some time now, we’ve heard the terms cloud backup and cloud storage being used interchangeably. This, as a result, has given rise to the myth that they are one and the same thing. Cloud storage entails storing selected amounts of data online. Notice the mention of selected. This is because cloud storage specifically will store only that data that has been manually selected.

Cloud backup, on the other hand, is the new best thing in town. With the ability to store unlimited amounts of data, cloud backup ensures that ALL the data is stored continuously to protect the company against disaster or major data loss.

Myth 2: Cloud Backup Is Time Consuming

Another misapprehension that your customers might have would be regarding backup time. There is no denying that cloud backup takes a relatively longer time than offline storage on a local server. However, this is highly dependent on the speed of the internet connection. With a speedy connection cloud backup is as easy and quick as ever! You should emphasize to your clients that while cloud backup will take certain duration to efficiently upload all data, the benefits of it, in contrast to offline storage may be of greater value.

Myth 3: Cloud Backup Is Costly

Online backup software in the early 2000’s was considered an option only few overly cautious firms and companies would consider. In a way, it was an unaffordable privilege, with costs as high as hundreds of dollars for the storage of limited data. Today, cloud backup is not just economical, but easily available as well! Unfortunately, some businesses continue to view this as an expense, rather than a crucial investment. Your aim should be to focus on the cost benefit analysis of cloud backup. Inform your customers how cloud backup is like an insurance of their data. Can they really afford to lose all their data in times where it plays such a significant and fundamental role in business continuity?

Myth 4: All Backup Service Providers Offer The Same Benefits

This particular misconception holds true to both, you as a managed service providers and your customers. Most often, differentiating one backup service provider from another can be quite tricky. There are many cross-over features. While that does ring true, some of the leading backup software providers offer distinctive and unique features that come with dedicated backup modules for backing up VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft exchange backup, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Database, Oracle Database, Lotus Domino / Notes, Windows System and Windows System State.

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The 5 Fundamentals Of Modern Data Protection

Welcome to the era where data is king. Today, databases and information is the foundation of every business. The loss or inability to access any of this could be permanently damaging for businesses. In some cases, it could spell the end of a company.

And hence, from this growing significance rises the critical role of managed service providers to offer top-notch and reliable backup services to these businesses, so that they are continuously on the go! Continue reading to learn about the 5 fundamentals of modern data protection and backup services.

1. Local, Online, and The Cloud

As a managed service provider, your offerings should offer flexibility and various choices to your business customers. Depending on the backup solution provider you choose, you are afforded numerous possibilities to protect your customers’ data. However, it all begins with one decision: Where are you backing up their virtual machines and other databases? Is it a locally hosted backup server, online backup software, or would you rather opt for cloud backup? With cloud backing, you forego the need to maintain any server and storage hardware.

2. Quick Response Time

One of the key concerns that your business end-users will face, is the certainty and assurance that they will have quick and prompt access to their stored data in case of a loss. If, for whatever reason, you fail to meet your objective, you’re risking losing a customer. Business continuity is a factor that businesses are taking quite seriously today more than ever.

3.  Supporting VM, Database, and System Backup

We asked some business analysts what their data protection expectations were. What was that single most important factor that they would not compromise on? In summary, it was basically ‘data protection at every level’. This means, applications and databases such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange Server DAG, Microsoft Exchange Server database, MySQL Database, had to be backed up via continuous data protection methods.

4. Security

As the dawn of technology allows businesses to equip themselves with the latest means of optimizing business processes, it also makes them quite vulnerable to the various threats of the virtual world. From data breaches to malware and viruses, their data is always under threat. Hence it is imperative that managed service providers take initiatives to develop a strong, impregnable security system.

5. Support System

Every service offering needs to be backed up by professional customer service support staff. This is one of the primary reasons behind the loss of business customers. Stay connected with your clients, continuously offering them hassle-free software upgrades and backup training to enhance their data backup.

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Finding The Right Backup Solution For Your MSP Business

As a managed service provider, there is one decision that you are absolutely bound to make: which vendor should you choose to partner with to offer your business clients with the absolute best backup solutions? When making that decision, it is more than just finding a solution provider that offers the right price. It’s about forming a strategic alliance that will promote long-term growth.

The hard fact remains that backup for service provider is no small matter, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. We offer you a guide to ensure that you make the right decision that will boost your business and client satisfaction.

1.     Conduct A Technical Review

In terms of the technical benefits that are offered to you, you need to ask all the tough questions. We’ve listed some of the most pressing ones:

  • Does the solution include service delivery modules?
  • Was the solution specifically designed for MSPs?
  • Is it compatible with various operating systems? If not, can you find backup modules for various systems?
  • Are the solutions reliable enough to provide regulations compliance?
  • Is it flexible enough?

2.     Shortlist The Vendors

Make sure you’re making note of all the features! Create a checklist of what you’re looking for, and cut down the ones who didn’t meet the preliminary requirements. Do not evaluate the vendor simply on the offering, but also on their business model. For instance, the last thing you need is your service provider to compete with you for your clients.

3. Look Up For Reviews!

To accurately gauge the services of a backup service provider, go out in the industry! Who would understand the services better than the very businesses that are using it? The reputation of the business is absolutely vital. Make sure that they’ve established a strong customer base, and prestige as a high quality service provider. Remember, your profitability depends on this. So work with a reputable backup service provider.

4. Understand the Vendor’s offering

It sounds quite simple, but you’d be surprised to know how ambiguous some backup solutions service providers really are. When you visit their website, make sure that every aspect of their offering is well portrayed so that you have a clear idea of the extent of services that they offer.

5. Scalability

And finally, the aspect of growth and flexibility. Will the vendor allow you enough flexibility to increase your offering as your business grows? The MSP industry is attractive, with reasonable growth margins. Make sure you factor in these possibilities, as well!

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