Standing out from your competition, how does your branding look?

We all understand the importance of brand recognition and the role that it plays on potential and existing customers. Having an effective, consistent branding scheme across your backup components is a great way to compliment your existing brand strategy.

One of the advantages of Ahsay is the ability for white labeling, allowing you to fully customize your brand appearance to your customers.

Ahsay customer facing brand components:

  • Email (Backup reports)
  • Customer web portal
  • Backup agent software including in-client advertising (Ad groups)

If you haven’t considered branding the customer facing aspects of Ahsay or haven’t investigated this action, the following examples show-off what you can do.

Standard email vs Customized email

Email Standard

Email Customised

Standard customer portal vs Customized customer Portal


Customised Portal

The customized images are real world examples from MyClient partners who have utilized MyClient customer facing customization options to give their branding this enhanced look. Customizations are also available via the Ahsay customization portal. The above examples hopefully illustrate some of the ways that you promote your brand but also give that polished professional look to your clients.

Questions from a Managed Service Provider

Here are some questions received recently from a managed service provider who are looking for a new backup software to replace his existing one. The new software has to be designed for managed service providers (MSPs), and he would like to see if Ahsay can meet these requirements:

  • I want to buy backup software only
  • I want to host the software on our servers
  • I want the backup software to be customizable
  • I want the user interface to have Spanish or Catalan support

1. Ahsay only sells backup software. No other service (such as managed storage) or hardware will be bundled with the software that we are selling.

2. Our backup server and replication software will be hosted by managed service provider. The client backup agent will be installed on your customers’ machines that need to be backed up. Here’s an overview. Our software has 4 core components. AhsayOBS is the centralized management console that needs to be installed on your backup server for hosting all the backup accounts and data. AhsayOBM and AhsayACB are the backup applications (agents) that need to be installed on the server, desktop and laptop machines that need to be backed up. AhsayOBM / AhsayACB then backs up data to the AhsayOBS through http/https protocol. AhsayRPS is the replication application for near real time replication of data from AhsayOBS to an offsite replication server for added protection. Please refer to the “Products” section on our website for the details of each application.

3. Ahsay Backup Software is fully customizable if you have purchased a one-time Rebranding Option. Then, all the graphics and wordings that appear within  AhsayOBM/AhsayACB/AhsayOBS/AhsayRPS can be customized through our easy-to-use Customization Portal.

4. Our software now supports 32 languages, including Spanish and Catalan, which covers over 90% of worldwide population.