5 Misconceptions Regarding Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Misconceptions Regarding Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Cloud-to-cloud backup, as the name suggests, is the backup of data from one cloud platform on another cloud platform.

This completely takes hardware out of the equation. Due to its convenience and reliability, it has become a preferred choice for many businesses.

However, since the mechanism is new, there are a variety of misconceptions regarding this.

We at Ahsay have tried to ward off misconceptions. Here are 5 of the most common myths regarding cloud-to-cloud backup: Continue reading

5 Tips for Choosing a Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Solution


MSPs (Managed Service Providers) always look to strengthen their data backup tactics for their clients. The latest cloud-to-cloud backup solution can provide MSPs with ultimate peace of mind.

From protection against migration errors to data loss due to third-party applications, cloud-to-cloud backup can help MSPs provide extraordinary services to their clients.

However, choosing the perfect cloud-to-cloud backup based on your clients’ needs can be tricky. You have to thoroughly evaluate all of your options and then pick the right vendor. Continue reading

6 Reasons Why MSPs Need Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

ahsay-article-2-1As far as data storage and backup is concerned, the cloud technology has proved to be game-changing.

Cloud-to-cloud backup, as the name suggests, is keeping a copy of a cloud’s data on another cloud.

The great part about this technology is that it takes hardware devices out of the equation, which makes it quite an affordable option for many enterprises.

Data can be lost in the cloud too. This is why MSPs (managed service providers) should look to employ cloud-to-cloud backup more. Here are 6 other reasons why:

1. It Protects Data Loss from Malevolent User Activity

ahsay-article-2-2Malicious activity can occur inside the cloud account. From unhappy employees to hackers, people with malicious intent can harm your data in the cloud.

You do not want your client’s emails, policies or any other sensitive information to be lost. A cloud-to-cloud backup will ensure that the data remains safe even after malicious user activity has occurred on the cloud.

2. It Saves You from Flawed Migrations

Your client’s cloud account needs service which involves routine migrations. No matter how expert you are at carrying out migrations, problems can occur.

With a cloud-to-cloud backup, you as an MSP will have peace of mind when performing migrations for your clients.

3. It Allows You to Sync Data with Third-Party Software

As an MSP, you might be required to sync your client’s data with a third-party software. This can sometimes lead to data corruption.

With a cloud-to-cloud backup, you get the luxury of having multiple copies of all your data in different cloud destinations. For instance, while using sync tools, you might get data from user inbox corrupted. However, with cloud to cloud backup, you can easily restore it.

4. It protects you from Violating Compliance Agreements

With such strict regulations, MSPs have a hard time complying with Government’s policies. Sometimes, native cloud solutions do not provide enough data control to MSPs to avoid compliance issues.

With robust backup and recovery, cloud-to-cloud backup allows MSPs to help their client meet compliance requirements.

5. It Allows You to Provide Client-Level Restoration

Sometimes, data can be lost from a cloud account in the middle of a business’s operations. Without a cloud backup, this could mean that the data got lost forever.

On the other hand, cloud-to-cloud backup allow your clients to restore data to any point-in-time if any such mishap has occurred.

6. It Allows You to Establish Yourself as a Reliable and Trusted Source

Finally, cloud-to-cloud back allows you to win the trust of your clients. With a copy of their cloud’s data safe on another cloud server, you can be confident in your ability to provide impeccable services.

Ahsay provides robust cloud-to-cloud backup through their managed backup services. Over the years, their staunch mechanisms have helped MSPs provide peace of mind to their clients.

If you are interested in deploying Ahsay Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Solution, contact our pre-sales now.