How to create AhsayCBS VM on 1&1 IONOS cloud platform

1&1 IONOS is a web hosting and cloud service provider established in UK. Because of their service quality, user friendly interface, and good pricing, we start seeing UK and European partners migrating their physical backup servers to its cloud platform.

Let’s see how you can easily create a Windows VM thru their drag-and-drop interface for running our AhsayCBS central management software.

1). After logging into 1&1 IONOS web interface, click Data Center.

2). Enter your data center info. The data center is a software defined (SDDC) in the public cloud, which is highly available, dynamically scalable virtual resources place with needs-based delivery and use-based billing. Within your data center, you can define multiple VMs. In this demo, we will be creating one Windows Server VM for running AhsayCBS software.


3). Select a region for this data center.



4). After the data center has been created, you can start creating a VM by dragging the Server icon to the canvas.


5). Connect this VM to the Internet by dragging the green dot to the “+” sign above the VM.



6). The VM has connected to the Internet through LAN 1.


7). You can setup the number of CPU cores and RAM size based on your requirement.


8). Then, add hard drive to the VM by dragging the HDD icon onto the VM.



9). A hard drive has been added to the VM. You can setup it’s size as needed.


10). 1&1 IONOS has got many common OS images for quick deployment. To use a readily available image, select 1&1 IONOS Images.


Then, select the image you need. In this demo, I have chosen Windows 2012 R2 Server.


11). Enter the password for the Windows Administrator that will be used for logging into the Windows OS.


12). Oops. Forgotten to give the hard drive a better name. No worries. Just click Resolve to modify it.




13). Click Provision Now to provision the VM.




14). After provision is  completed, click on the VM. You can either remote login to the VM through Remote Desktop Connection, or just click the Remote Control button in the web interface.



15). You can login to the Windows Server thru a web interface.


16). Send the Ctrl + Alt + Delete command to the Windows.



17). Use the password created in step 11). to login to the Windows Server as Administrator.


18). Done. Successfully logged in to the Windows Server. You can make any configuration to your Windows Server VM now.


19). For demo purpose, I just simply turn off Windows’ firewall. You can definitely make your own settings when you see fit.



20). Download the latest AhsayCBS software from Ahsay’s download page here.


21). Install AhsayCBS onto the Windows Server.


22). When completed, AhsayCBS web interface can be accessed through the local IP:


23). You can also access the AhsayCBS console through the public IP provided by 1&1 IONOS.






1&1 IONOS offers free 30 days trial. Simply apply for a trial account to test it out.

Besides putting AhsayCBS on their cloud VM, you can also use their S3 compatible cloud object storage for storing your users’ backup data. See how it works with Ahsay through here.

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All You Need to Know About AhsayCBS

cbs-v7-01-frontGiven the growing number of virtual machines and the increasing data security concerns, having an effective data protection system in place is critical to protect the database against incidents like data loss and theft.

Unfortunately, not many businesses realize the significance of data protection, and thus pay little or no attention to data backup and recovery strategy. However, programs like AhsayCBS not just protect your data against losses and theft, but also safeguard the integrity of your business.

Here is a look at why you need AhsayCBS and how it can protect your business system.

Flexible Destination for Robust Security

Data protection is the first and foremost goal of backup and recovery programs. However, it’s a good practice to store data at the most trusted place to ensure that the data is completely secure. With that in mind, AhsayCBS supports everything from local drive to mapped network drive and from FTP/SFTP to public cloud storage as destination for securing the backup data. Depending upon their needs and requirements, businesses can choose the most preferred backup location option to make sure that their data is safe and protected.

Real Time Status Monitoring

AhsayCBS offers automatic backup which can be monitored in real time by the system administrator to ensure that the process goes smoothly. With real time monitoring, the administrator can check the status of the system, system resources information, errors and warnings, activity logs, replication logs, and backup and restore logs. The real time administration of the system allows managers to monitor the health of the system and identify potential issues for troubleshooting in a timely manner.

Instant Replication

AhsayCBS is a completely automated solution allowing users to replicate data in a fast and accurate manner. The program’s built-in replication module enables you to copy the data to an offsite destination such as an FTP/SFTP server or cloud storage without requiring users or administrators to intervene in the backup process. The continuous and close to real time replication ensures that the newly created data is not lost in the event of a mishap.

High Scalability

As your business continues to grow, you need greater storage and backup capabilities to keep all your data safe and protected. With AhsayCBS, however, you can always scale up the whole backup system. With the program’s built-in redirection module, you can redirect the extra user traffic to other AhsayCBS servers to manage your growing volume of data easily.

Regardless of the size or type of your database, backup and data restoration solutions available at Ahsay can help you create a completely safe and secure data management environment. From server backup to online and remote backup, we offer everything to protect the integrity of your business. For more details, contact us today.

v7 Alpha version is out now!

Dear partners, our new v7 Alpha is available for trial now. This new version brings cloud storage support, real time system monitoring, enhanced group policy management, faster and better replication, integrated billing, and mobile friendly user interface to managed service providers. For details and download, click here.