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Termination of Support for Amazon Cloud Drive by Ahsay

We regret to inform partners that due to circumstances beyond our control, we have no option but to terminate all technical support relating to Amazon Cloud Drive with immediate effect. It is because we have confirmed that both the Amazon Drive Software Development Kit (SDK) and (Application Programming Interface) API have already been closed by Inc.

Applications will no longer be able to connect to and use features & resources on Amazon Cloud Drive, however users will still be able to login and access files on their storage accounts directly from the Amazon Drive portal.

The following Ahsay features will no longer function on both v7 and v8.

Any data already backed up cannot be restored directly from Amazon Cloud Drive using AhsayCBS/AhsayOBM/AhsayACB. For partners who wish to restore this data from Amazon Cloud Drive, we recommend they manually synchronize the data using third party tools to a local storage device and use the Utilities > Decrypt Backup Data feature on the AhsayOBM/AhsayACB client application.

To avoid confusion, we recommend that Amazon Cloud Drive option be removed from AhsayCBS > Policy Group > Default setting > Backup Set Setting > Standard Destination.

Please refer to page 185 “Destinations Visible to Users” of our AhsayCBS Administrator’s Guide for details:

Note: Amazon S3 and AWS S3 Compatible Cloud Storage are not affected.