[Video] How to use public cloud (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, etc.) for hosting clients’ backup data (Predefined destination explained)


The latest Ahsay backup software suite allows MSPs as well as users to leverage public cloud storage for storing backup data. AhsayOBM / AhsayACB client agent’s user is able to back up data from server, desktop, NAS device to either:
1). user’s own public cloud storage, or
2). an MSP’s public cloud storage (meaning MSP’s Azure, S3, or Google Cloud storage account).

If you’re an MSP and want to leverage public cloud for hosting customers’ data, you most likely want your customers to back up to your public cloud storage account instead of letting them to back up to their own cloud storage, because this way the storage fee will go to your pocket instead of cloud providers’. You may also want to make the actual storage transparent to your users.

Ahsay allows you to easily achieve the above goals by using the Predefined Destinations feature in the latest AhsayCBS central web management console. Just 2 simple steps will do. Check out this video for details:

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