Ahsay backup, not Ashay backup

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We are “Ahsay” Backup, not “Ashay” Backup :-D

From our Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools), we found that a significant number of visitors were brought to our website by searching Ashay Backup instead of Ahsay Backup.

After googling the word, Urban Dictionary told me that Ashay is a word used in African American culture to mean “and so it is” or amen. So, Ashay Backup means And So It Is Backup. What a nice meaning! Maybe we should register this domain too! (:-D) But too bad we can’t register the domain of Ashay.com as it’s already belonged to a media group.

Anyway, next time when you want to use common search engines to find functions and features of our product, make sure to spell our product name correctly in order to get more meaningful results. Don’t search Ashay VMware backup, Ashay Hyper-V backup, or Ashay Office 365 backup again. :-P