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Ahsay Provides Rebranding Solutions to MSPs, Enabling Them to Market Their Backup Services Under Their Own Label

Kowloon, Hong Kong – March 19, 2018: Branding helps MSPs to stand out from their competition, establish market recognition and inculcate trust in their customer-base. Ahsay Systems Corporation, a world leading backup software developer, provides MSPs with the flexibility to rebrand its offered software solutions and market them under their own label, helping them to leverage the power of branding in their business.

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The power of branding in business is undebatable. It helps develop a positive perception in the market. Customers are more likely to trust branded businesses than resellers. And where a business provides unique services, branding can help establish market recognition and make the business stand out from its competitors. Unfortunately, the concept of branding is almost non-existential in the MSP sector. It’s not that managed service providers are not aware of the benefits that branding has to offer, but since many MSPs use third party software applications to provide services to clients, they simply can’t leverage the power of branding in their business.

Ahsay Systems Corporation is a world leading white label backup software developer, headquartered in Hong Kong. The company provides a whole host of backup solutions including software for backing up PCs and Macs and servers, databases and virtual machines; and android and iOS devices. Being white label solutions, these backup software can be easily customized and rebranded. Expanding on the rebranding capabilities of the developed software suite, Schubert Chong, CEO of Ahsay Systems Corporation commented:

Our backup software carry rebranding capabilities. Managed service providers can customize the interface and software environment in any way they may wish. They can incorporate their company’s logo. They can apply service name, contact information and company details. They can even request for customized installers for their rebranded AhsayOBM, AhsayACB and AhsayCBS applications. The rebranding options are endless.”

If MSPs require DIY rebranding, they need to purchase software license, with a one-off rebranding option fee.

You need to purchase the software and the rebranding rights before you can customize it. Rebranding is not available with a trial license. But if you look at the benefits that branding brings, it’s an investment worth making,” concluded Schubert Chong.

If MSPs want to save their effort and shorten their time to market, they can opt for the rebranding service offered by Ahsay’s professional customer service team. MSPs can then focus on activities that add more value to their business.

To learn about Ahsay’s services and features of the backup software suite, customers can visit the company’s official website.

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