How Important Is Marketing For MSP Startups

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How Important Is Marketing For MSP Startups?

Remember those days when you scoured video stores in your neighborhood to rent your favorite blockbuster? You might still find a few of them across the block in your area, but this business model of renting and purchasing is disappearing, and it’s disappearing fast… thanks to Netflix.

This applies to not only the movie rental industry, but to many other industries as well, especially IT.

Businesses are increasingly opting for subscription based services, provided by MSPs, to initiate and support their IT related operations. Even hardware is now being purchased as a service.

According to the AMI-Partner’s 2017 annual study, MSPs worldwide are on path to deliver $1 trillion in IT value

The key takeaway is: If you’ve been thinking of launching an MSP business, this could be the ideal time to do so.

Of course, it won’t be easy; you will have to plan many things. And among these plans, marketing needs to be right up there.


Because launching a business is not really the difficult part; the real challenge is getting the customers in.

How are they going to sign up to your services if they don’t know about your launch—that you exist, and that you can help them manage their biggest headache that is IT?

This is where marketing would help you.

Different Marketing Tactics MSP Startups Can Employ

There are a variety of ways through which you can spread out the word. Below are some of the most effective ones.

Leverage your social media following

If you have a strong social media following, leveraging it could be the easiest of ways to get some early customers in. Let everyone know in your followers and friends list about the launch. Ask them to share it within their own social circle.

Paid online advertising

Paid advertising is another effective marketing strategy to announce your launch into the market. You can use paid promotion features offered by different social media sites and search engines.

Think of something with the potential to go viral

It could be a blog, a video, a promotion campaign or anything that offers virality. If you get it right, the potential is endless. Look into different online guerilla marketing campaigns of popular launches for inspiration.

The power of a press release

This one is arguably the most convenient of all. You don’t need to have a massive social following. You don’t need to spend much. You don’t have to come up with a viral idea. Just get a PR agency, ask them to write a PR for you and publish it online. You’ll be surprised at how effective a PR can be in improving your reach and visibility.

On a concluding note, getting your first few customers in is always the hardest. Don’t lose hope if you fail in your initial attempts. Review your marketing strategy and try to identify what you did wrong. Optimize it and then re-implement it. You will succeed.

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