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Ahsay Offers Robust Office 365 Mailbox Backup

Kowloon, Hong Kong – October 16, 2017: Ahsay Systems Corporation, one of the most reliable backup software vendors around the world, offers Office 365 Exchange Online Mailbox recovery including items like emails, contacts, calendar, etc. Any items that are backed up can be quickly restored through their platform. This helps MSPs add value to their offering for their clients. The reliability of their robust procedures has been appreciated by MSPs across the world. 

Ahsay has been operating for more than 18 years in the global backup industry. From offering comprehensive on-premises database server backups to providing cloud-to-cloud / cloud-to-local backup, the company offers a wide variety of backup solutions.

Schubert Chong, CEO of the company, commented, “We understand the need for data backup in today’s landscape. From accidental data loss to IT sabotage, there are many ways company data gets deleted or lost. With Ahsay, MSPs can offer their clients an assurance that their data will always remain safe. ”

From hardware failure to natural calamities, there are quite a few unexpected events that can lead to precious data loss. When working with Microsoft Office 365’s cloud platform, many organizations might think that the data is stored in the cloud and cannot be lost. Although Office 365 provides archiving tools, such as Litigation Hold, it only provides long-term data retention that is no longer actively used. The process is tedious and complex even if a user wants to recover a single email. For this, MSPs require a third-party backup solution to offer to their clients. This is where Ahsay backup comes in. With robust security mechanisms, the company provide cloud-to-cloud / cloud-to-local data backup for all kinds of Office 365 Exchange Online mailbox files. From emails to contact information, their backup solution makes a copy of the production data and keeps it available so that the Point-in-Time copy can be swiftly returned to production when needed.

Chong further added, “We at Ahsay constantly keep improving our data backup solutions. We understand that the field is growing rapidly and that the need for data recovery will not decrease in any way. This is the reason we hire only the best people and employ the most modern technology. Constant improvement has been the reason for our continued success over the years.”

With its solutions, Ahsay has become a preferred choice for MSPs across the world. The company has helped solve data backup needs for a wide variety of clients.

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Ahsay Systems Corporation Limited is the world’s leading backup software vendor, providing backup for service provider, assisting them in delivering secure backup products and services to their business customers.

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