Change the layout of AhsayCBS email reports by yourself

Ahsay provides a set of email reports to notify users and CBS administrator on various statuses, including backup, restore, change of settings, storage quota nearly full, etc. These reports come with Ahsay’s default layouts.

For white-label partners who have Rebranding Option enabled, they can easily change the report layouts through their AhsayCBS’ Rebrand Web Console section. Super easy. Just download the HTML source, and then edit the report with your favorite HTML editor:


Want to understand how the whole rebranding process works? Watch this video:

Ahsay and eSTORAGE Signed Distribution Agreement to Expedite Expansion in Taiwan’s Backup Market

Back in April 2016, Ahsay and eSTORAGE Technology in Taiwan signed a distribution agreement. Through the cooperation, Ahsay can more effectively provide its backup software products to small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan.


Mr. Schubert Chong (left), Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Ahsay Backup Software Development Company Limited, said, “Currently, the Group mainly conducts customer sales through our sales websites. However, we are expanding our business by arranging more distribution channels for our customers. The appointment of eSTORAGE provides good opportunities for us to expand distribution channels, thereby extending our market share in Taiwan. eSTORAGE is principally engaged in the provision of backup services targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan. Thus the partnership enables the Group to actively reach potential clients in Taiwan through eSTORAGE. Version 7 of Ahsay Backup Software was launched last December, and our existing clients are evaluating the functions of this product. We believe Version 7 of Ahsay Backup Software meets the latest needs of companies, in particular SMEs and backup services providers, and notably reducing the burden of the I.T. department, thus we have complete confidence in the prospects of this product.”

Interested in becoming an Ahsay’s distributor in your country?

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