We can help you rebrand AhsayCBS, OBM and ACB


With the rebranding option added under a partner account, you can easily rebrand the whole Ahsay Backup Software Suite into your own brandname through the AhsayCBS web console.

See how Ahsay’s rebranding works

Need help?

Need assistance in rebranding the latest Ahsay Backup Software? Our Total Software Rebranding Service can help. Details: http://ahsay.com/jsp/en/home/index.jsp?pageContentKey=ahsay_services_rebranding_software-rebranding

How Ahsay’s VM Run Direct works

Got mission critical production VM which can afford no more than a few minutes of downtime and interruption? Now with Ahsay Backup Software version 7.5, you can start run a VM immediately from its backup file. Live migration can also be done when the VM is running. See how it works in this video: