Run VM directly from backup

Ahsay Backup Software version 7.5 will come with a newly developed VM Run Direct feature for VMware and Hyper-V backup. You can run the backed up VM directly from the backup within minutes, without the need to restore to original host first. Like it?

Preview: How to configure AhsayOBM on a Synology NAS Device

Being able to install AhsayOBM on a NAS device is the feature that has been requested by so many partners during the past years. In our coming version 7.5, this dream will come true, as we will launch a NAS Module for AhsayOBM that can be installed on NAS devices to directly back up data to public cloud storage (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, etc.) and FTP/SFTP servers. The first brand of NAS that we will support is Synology. These 2 videos are going to show you who it works.

How to restore files to a Synology NAS device using AhsayOBM v7.5

How can I hide features from the user interface of AhsayOBM/AhsayACB version 7

A customer asked, “Currently our technicians are able to see the encryption key in the AhsayOBM client by clicking the “Unmask encryption key” option. Is it possible to change the software to hide this encryption key on the AhsayOBM client so that once it is entered it cannot be seen?”

The answer is yes, through the use of the Group Policy in AhsayCBS. Nearly all features shown in the user interface of AhsayOBM/AhsayACB version 7 can be hidden. Please refer to this guide for the detailed procedure: