Multi-Platform Server Backup? Here’s What You Should Know!

As information technology makes advances, a plethora of platforms, multi-purpose databases and virtual machines have impregnated the corporate world. Even the smallest of business are now using custom operating systems and multiple servers – all of which need to be backed up.

Is your company prepared to make multi-platform backups? Here are some things that you should take into consideration:

Number And Size of Servers

Analyzing this will determine the amount of space you need to allocate for your backups. It is important to understand that the backup requirements aren’t essentially the total space on your clients’ server(s). Before you initiate a backup, you usually compress the files. Images and texts are relatively reduced in size. That way, when the data is finally transferred from the servers onto the data center, it actually ends up taking lesser space.

Types of Operating System

Generally, backup software designed by vendors may fail to factor in the many operating systems. Companies usually develop support for one system that cannot be applied on another. Furthermore, if a particular company is running a single OS on all 12 of its virtual machines, it maintains the consistency of the application, making backup much simpler and timely.

Application, Database & Server Type

SMEs operating today make use of various applications and databases to enhance the productivity of their work. The degree of specialization and complexity may vary with each virtual machine. For instance, running a Hyper-V backup may require a 24/7 cloud storage. If all of these VMs were given a backup simultaneously, it could lead to a traffic jam – causing a mass level system failure. You as the administrator may have to manually slow down or stagger the backup to manage it effectively.

The case is similar with a MySQL backup software or Exchange. Therefore, it is essential that you select a backup service vendor who can provide you with the training and support.

Finally, ensure that your service provider develops and offers a range of backup modules for all kinds of platforms, servers and virtual machines. We have developed the following add-on backup modules for AhsayOBM to back up different type of servers:

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Ahsay Backup Software – The Best Backup for Service Provider

As much as we like to place our unrelenting faith into personal computers and IT systems, they fail us– hard-disk malfunctions, power outages, and in some instances, natural disasters. There’s no denying that your business customers are always at risk. As a managed service provider (MSP) or value added reseller (VAR), you have to ensure that the backup and recovery solution that you’re offering your clients meets the high demand. That’s where Ahsay comes in.

Ahsay Backup Software was especially designed for MSPs to deliver managed backup and recovery services. Our backup solutions consist of a range of hardware and software components that incorporates everything MSPs need to deploy, provision, service and sell Cloud Backup to large enterprise and SMBs.

Used by over 5,000,000 people worldwide, here are some reasons why we’re considered the best in the cloud business:

1. Local, Online, Cloud Backup – All Under A Single Roof

While for some businesses, a local, on-premise backup may suffice, for larger enterprises, MSPs may want to take their cloud services to the next level with online backup software and offsite backup solutions. Ahsay Backup Software provides a platform where MSPs can backup virtual machines, databases and other servers to a locally hosted or online backup server.

2.  A Backup That Supports All Virtual Machines

Enterprises have moved beyond the use of simple platforms, embracing advanced applications and databases to enhance the productivity of their business. Needless to say, they expect their MSPs to provide a secure, and more importantly, platform-friendly backup solution to ensure the security of their invaluable data. Ahsay Backup Software introduces AhsayOBM to back up different type of servers and virtual machines. Being one of the most popular backup softwares, AhsayOBM consists of add-on backup modules for Exchange DAG, Exchange Database, VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Lotus Domino, MySQL Database, and Windows System. Various other applications and databases, such as Microsoft Sharepoint, can also be backed up using this flexible command line tool.

3. Fast Backup and Restore

Equipped with various speed boosting technologies such as multi-threading, In-File Delta block level incremental backup, server side delta merging, etc the backup can be effectively enhanced, irrespective of the kind of server that’s being backed.

4. Our Backup Software – Your Name!

Understanding that you want to establish your name with your customers, we allow MSPs complete rebranding rights. This means that all graphics and wording may be customized according to your individual business.

That’s not all! Ahsay Backup Software also provides centralized management of consoles, flexibility in payment systems, and scalability like no other backup solution! Become one of our loyal partners and take advantage of our expertise and technologically advanced solutions.

Does Your MSP Business Have A Secure Disaster Recovery Plan?

A Time magazine article, in December 2014, highlighted some of the most grotesque and extreme weather conditions and natural disasters that struck the earth in the year 2014. From an earthquake in Chile, a volcano eruption in Iceland to a storm in Buffalo, N.Y., 2014 was indeed an active year.

While these large scale catastrophes have been down this year, for MSP’s this may prove to be a red alert. Are you doing everything you can to protect your data, and that of your clients? Is your data recovery plan up-to-date? As a managed backup services provider, we list down some of the practices for your data recovery:

1. Being Prepared

You can rarely foresee a disaster. So when disaster looms over, you may not have the time to begin preparing then. A disaster recovery plan must be set, and ready to be implemented the minute disaster strikes. Make sure the plan is tested, drilled and fine-tuned before it is actually set into corporate stone.

Your clients may not have much knowledge in this instance. That’s where you come in. Take a look at their business requirements, and customize the recovery plan accordingly.

2. Offsite or Remote Backup is the Way To Go!

One of the best practices of any disaster recovery plan is to not store the data in one place. Have all the data ready for an offsite backup on an automatic or real time basis. If off-site backup is not scheduled to be automatic, develop a periodic manual backup of all on-premise data and virtual machines.

Also, make sure that your team is well briefed and trained in providing assistance post-disaster. After any kind of extreme weather conditions, your clients may seem panicked and impatient. At this point, ensure that your employees are available to manage the restoration in the smoothest way possible. The sooner your recovery time, the more satisfied your client will be.

3. Rest Every Scenario

Each disaster varies from the other, causing different levels of damage. An earthquake could last for a few seconds, and cause mass level damage; a tornado could have a more local impact; a fire could cause permanent damage to the physical data center. Is your data recovery plan factoring in all these scenarios?

4. Testing Your Backup

No matter how fool proof your disaster recovery plan is on paper, if it hasn’t been tested for its effectiveness, you may be putting your clients’ data at risk. Run a full-fledged test, not only on the systems, but on the staff and recovery time as well.

Your clients’ ability to seamlessly manage their business in the time of disaster or data loss depends on the kind of services you offer. Choose the best cloud backup software. Ahsay Backup Software offers a variety of software solutions designed to meet individual needs. We offer Oracle database backup, VMware, MySQL and other databases and platforms. Take a look at what we have to offer!

What’s Your MSP Cloud Computing Strategy?

As we head towards the mid of the year 2015, take a moment to commend the efforts of your company for making it through the dynamic and ever-changing markets. For the cloud computing industry, this year has proven to be more of a game changer. Industries have understood that it is indeed the era of data. More and more people want to jump on board the secure data bandwagon. Are you factoring in these trends in your action plan? What’s your game plan – your cloud computing strategy? As an online backup software company, we propose the following:

Bank on the Power of Data – Or Rather Data Loss

With the impending rise of the “Internet of Things”, it seems as though the pace of data creation will only increase; and from there derives its vulnerability and the ultimate need for protection. More and more businesses are now depending on large amounts of data to process their daily operations.

A conservative estimate of the costs of data loss in the U.S. stood at $11.8 billion in 1998 only. For you, as an MSP, this is an invaluable opportunity that can be capitalized to gain substantial amounts of profits. Bank on it! You can offer your solution to help businesses secure their data and avoid monumental losses!

Understand that Courage Is Currency in Today’s Economy

Nothing is achieved by playing it safe. Taking risk could mean loss, but it could also mean better offerings. The past 5 years has witnessed a flurry of activities with MSP’s lining up, offering some of the most cutting edge and innovative services. Is your business keeping up? What are you offering your clients that others aren’t?

Be innovative. Tie in exceptional customer services with your product offering. Offer them value added services, and watch your business grow!

Your Cloud Software Should be Nothing Short of the Best

Offering your customers the best in the industry for the protection of their critical data will ensure that they stay with you as a long term customer. When you’re looking for unbeatable security that covers all grounds, we recommend Ahsay Backup Software for all your business backup needs. .

Minimize the risk of data loss and offer your clients a chance to run their business smoothly and efficiently! Ahsay Backup Software offers a variety of backup solutions for service provider designed to meet individual needs. Feel free to browse through our wide range of cloud backup services for all kinds of virtual machines and modules.

Top 6 Essentials for MSP Cloud Backup Solution

According to the Technology Business Research’s report, MSP opportunity in private cloud market will grow from $41 billion in 2014 to $69 billion in 2018. For you, it means a chance to grow your business and reach out to more clients who are looking for secure server backup software by reputable MSPs.

So, how do you keep up with this growing opportunities and demands that are redefining the paradigms of cloud backup solutions? Here are 6 things that you should take into consideration when formulating your business strategy for your business growth:

1. SME vs. Corporation Grade

This, in a way, is a double edged sword. It is true that having some large customers under your belt could be a great advantage in terms of profitability and growth. However, this benefit comes with some added demands as well. You can only reap the high profits if you’ve turned your resources up a couple of notch. On the other hand, providing backup solutions to SMEs are relatively simpler because there aren’t too many high tech needs.

Also, take into consideration the bandwidth requirement for each business entity. Corporation-class backup solutions mean transfer of high volumes of data. That means the bandwidth must be high, not interrupting or clogging up the connection throughout the organization.

2. Differentiate Your Offering

When you opt for a service provider for your backup solutions, this means that you have the opportunity to focus on your value proposition: what you’re offering your clients. Let’s face it – there’s no denying that this is the era of MSPs, but without so many out there, what’s your USP (unique selling proposition)? Ask yourself, what should you bring on the table that will really get you noticed?

3. Security Should Never Be Compromised

It is essential that you work with a service provider that is renowned globally for their professional services. This goes to endorse the fact that the company has been trusted by numerous MSPs and that they abide by the rigid access control policies.

4. Customer Retention

A common mistake that most customers make is allocating all their resources to attracting new customers. The cost of gaining new customers is relatively higher than retaining an existing one. Furthermore, retention of existing clients could be powerful enough if they act as your endorser. Therefore, develop a strategy of support to maintain stable and healthy relationship with these clients.

5. Your Backup Software Vendor – Who’s Right?

To immediately hit the ground running with your MSP business, you should choose a backup software vendor that offers a range of backup for cross platform systems and virtual machines. The cloud backup for an Exchange Database would be different from the configuration of Hyper-V backup. Opt for a vendor who’ll match your requirements and your clients’ needs.

6. Service & Support

For backup services, your clients may have many unanswered questions and queries. Having a trained, helpful, and more importantly available service team could be an essential aspect in your value propositions. Many MSPs over-promise by claiming 24/7 support, only to disappoint clients. If you don’t have the resources to manage a constantly available support team, make sure you invest in the appropriate training of your staff in dealing with client complaints.

If you’re looking for a cloud backup software for service provider, then Ahsay™ is your best bet to give your MSP business that extra boost for growth. Ahsay™ Backup Software offers a variety of software solution designed to meet individual needs. Take a look at what we have to offer!