How Compromising Your Cloud Backup Services Could Be Detrimental For MSPs

There are many ways to skim a great profit as a managed services provider. For managed backup services, the profits go up all the more! In lure of profits, it’s easy to go astray, looking for cheaper means of backup solutions that you can offer your clients. You can repackage that offering into something attractive and provide the services to unknowing SME’s. And sure, it’ll work. Until you realize that what you’re really getting is limited services and functions that do not even begin to meet the high demands of your customers.

If you fail to meet expectations, you’re risking your business’s reputation. Here are some ways how low-grade public or private backup solutions could be hurting your business:

1. Rigid Structures

On premise and remote backups are run not only on a single platform. For enterprises that are working on various other platforms and databases, such as Exchange DAG, Exchange Database, VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Lotus Domino and many other expect a cross platform coverage that inferior backup solution cannot provide.

2. Inadequate Performance

With the increase in data transfer volume, higher bandwidth is required. If not managed appropriately, you risk a slower network connection that could put your client’s business on the hold.

3. Extra Charges You Didn’t Foresee

It’s easy to be swayed away by low prices. But most often, MSP’s fail to gauge the limits of the services. You may be charged for any addition in the number of your clients, plug-ins, service supports, training guides or maintenance. So, eventually, you end up paying more!

4. No Guarantee of Security

The protection and security of your clients’ data is something that should never be compromised. You could not only lose business, but also risk facing legal action in the case of a data loss and security breach.

5. Unorganized Management of Backup

As you manage your data storage on a periodic basis, it is essential that you keep track of whether the backup has been successfully stored in the data center. Typically, when you’re using professional service providers, there is a centralized system, allowing you to keep track of the backup as they’re being performed. With low-grade software, each account has to be manually tracked, and its storage verified.

When your customers question you, you cannot blame the service provider. They’ve entrusted one of the most crucial aspects of their business onto you. Choosing a professional backup service provider will help you manage your business more effectively, providing your clients with impeccable services.

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Is Your Cloud Backup Solutions Adding Value To Your MSP Business Operations?

The typical outsourced IT service provider has made the profitable transition to cloud managed backup services. One of the main reasons why MSPs have made the shift to the cloud, offering these value services, is because they understand that this could result in the enhanced bottom line performance of their company. You offer the internal infrastructure, the scalability, flexibility to your customers.

How has this transition fared your organization? Does it add value to your business operations? We find out:

Greater Profit Margins

There is no doubt that there is opportunity for you to gain higher margins by supporting more customers. However, the key is pricing it. The marketplace may be commoditized. And that means there’s price sensitivity. Then there’s the issue of whether you sell at the manufacture’s price, or at your price. It all comes down to value! Is your business operations factoring in value added services and support? What are you offering them? That’s simple enough. For instance, if your customers require backup services for their Lotus Domino server, you provide the cloud services and the essential infrastructure, employee training and backend support. That’s value addition that is translated into greater profit margins!

Difference in Delivering Value

The way traditional managed service providers operate, in comparison to backup services providers is much different. There’s more demand over your resources now more than ever. Your services need to be strategically wrapped around the product so that it delivers value to your customers, and ultimately you.

As you become a backup service provider, how you utilize your business resources for the assistance of your customers is what will essentially define and impact your profitability. Your customers don’t quite understand the complications of real time backup of virtual machines. That’s where you come in.

Managing Your Help Desk Tickets

Enhancing your management capabilities could mean better handling of help desk tickets. That’s shorter lead time. However, if you’ve implemented a reliable and leading backup system, you will see your system stability go up and that will ultimately reduce the number of help desk tickets that your staff may have to deal with on an average.

Add Value To Your Business Operations Now Using Ahsay!

Ahsay™ Systems Corporation Limited is the world’s leading backup software vendor, assisting MSPs in delivering secure backup products and services to their business customers. AhsayRDR is a high scalability component designed for MSPs with fast growing number of backup users.

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How Selling Cloud Services Helps MSPs Make Profits

The Era of MSP’s

With IT and power outages costing SMBs an average of $12,500 per day, businesses need the capabilities, performance, expertise and security that only MSPs can provide. Yes, there is the wide availability of public cloud solutions. However, businesses have displayed their reservations regarding these cheap and ineffective alternatives that provide limited features and no real long-term protection.

Recent studies have given rise to the understanding that MSPs are the first choice for private cloud computing. According to the Technology Business Research’s report, Private Cloud Customer Research,  vendor or MSP opportunity in private cloud market will see a boost, growing from $41 billion in 2014 to $69 billion in 2018.

So, how do you get started by making money by providing cloud backup and disaster recovery services? Read on to find out more:

1. Partnering In With A Professional Host Company

As an MSP, you will have numerous ways that you can get started with your business. However, it is important to understand that your success is very much dependent on the cloud services that you offer. A great way to take advantage of this rapidly growing opportunity is by partnering in with a company that provides cloud backup for service provider. Doing so, you can take advantage an infinite range of backup solutions that readily available for all kind of cross-platform usage.

2. Strategically Wrap Your Services around the Product

One of the many advantages of having a host company provide you with the cloud services is that you get to focus your 100% resources on providing impeccable services and support. After all, backing up terabytes of data from Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and MySQL Database is not for the fainthearted.

Make sure to evaluate and design your services so that you offer your clients exactly what they need – assuring business continuity and security of their most critical data, at all times.

3. Market & Sell

According to the statistic presented in the National Archives & Records Administration in Washington, it was found that 93% of companies that lost access to their data for over 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy. You don’t need a hard sell. Understand their pain points. You just need to inform them of the risks associated with not having the right disaster recovery and backup system. Tell them what you have to offer, and sell it!

Profitability Comes from Great Backup Services – Here’s Your Solution!

Ahsay™ Systems Corporation Limited is the world’s leading backup software vendor, assisting MSPs in delivering secure backup products and services to their business customers. AhsayRDR is a high scalability component designed for MSPs with fast growing number of backup users.

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v6.25.0.0 of AhsayOBM, AhsayACB, AhsayOBS, AhsayRPS, AhsayRDR; v2.25.0.0 of AhsayUBS; v1.0.3.1 of AhsayPRD Released

We have enhanced the speed of VMware Backup Set creation and update of AhsayOBM. It can now enable CBT on VMware virtual machines without restarting. Moreover, VMware Player 7 and Workstation 11 are now supported. Several reported bugs are also fixed in this release.

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