Ahsay Backup Software v7.15 Supports Exchange 2016 Mail Level Backup


Ahsay Backup Software Version 7.15 is released now! This version now supports Exchange Server 2016 mail level backup with flexible deployment options, scheduling and better cost and resource effectiveness.

Learn more about this new feature at: https://ahsay.com/jsp/en/home/index.jsp?pageContentKey=ahsay_products_backup-software_ahsayobm_modules_exchange-mailbox_benefits

Download FREE trial now at: www.ahsay.com/freetrial

For details of this version, read the Release Notes at: http://ahsay-dn.ahsay.com/document/v7/71508/customer/cbs-release-notes.htm

5 Common Office 365 Backup Mistakes You Need to Avoid


From accidental deletion to hacker attacks, your data is not safe, even with the Microsoft Office 365 platform.

It has been (wrongly) assumed that once your data is in the cloud, it is completely safe. Although moving to the Office platform allows you access to its incredible programs, such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook, it also means that you need to be more careful with data backup.

When offering Office 365 data backup, MSPs need to inform their clients about relevant pitfalls. Here are some data backup mistakes that need to be avoided: Continue reading

5 Tips for Choosing a Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Solution


MSPs (Managed Service Providers) always look to strengthen their data backup tactics for their clients. The latest cloud-to-cloud backup solution can provide MSPs with ultimate peace of mind.

From protection against migration errors to data loss due to third-party applications, cloud-to-cloud backup can help MSPs provide extraordinary services to their clients.

However, choosing the perfect cloud-to-cloud backup based on your clients’ needs can be tricky. You have to thoroughly evaluate all of your options and then pick the right vendor. Continue reading

A Talk to Hong Kong SMBs on Ransomware Protection


The Hong Kong Information Technology Industry Council, Group 25 under Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI), organized a seminar entitled “SMB IT Defense Strategies…Wanna CRY again!” on October 23, 2017. Ahsay was honored to participate in the seminar and share insights with Small to Medium Businesses in Hong Kong on enhancing data security and defending against ransomware. Our CEO, Mr. Schubert Chong, delivered a talk to the audience on the importance of backup and introduced different strategies to avoid data loss through using Ahsay Backup Solution. Continue reading

5 Backup Considerations in Virtual Environment


According to Computer Weekly, virtual machines have been adopted by 80 percent of modern organizations. What’s more, many organizations have taken the big step to have their processes run completely through virtual environments.

Virtualization has become essential to smooth operation of current information systems. However, virtualized servers carrying out major functions, such as handling the flow of traffic, storage tasks and application serving, can pose a few challenges to business owners.

When it comes to backup, migrating from physical servers to virtualized machines can be quite challenging. It might need a change of tactics and approach.

This is where the role of MSPs (Managed Service Providers) becomes so important. They need to enhance their services and offer safer virtual environments to their clients. Continue reading

State of Cyber Security and How MSPs Might Be Able to Benefit


According to Fox Business, it is not just large organizations or government agencies that are targets of cyber attacks, small businesses such as e-commerce stores, restaurants, clinics and even colleges are being targeted.

From data breach to malware attacks, small businesses are exposed to a wide variety of security threats.

This has led small companies to increase their budgets on cyber security. According to Business Wire, 46 percent of the companies are increasing budgets by an average of 21 percent. What’s more, according to the same resource, 41 percent of the companies were willing to invest in obtaining security services from Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Continue reading